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April 24th, 2006

Denial: Stage 1.

UPDATE: Butterfly will be on hiatus for the month of May. Sorry for the interruption in the story, but I’m going to be in areas with no internet service for about a month. See you in June!

Comic text:
Scientist: I mean…
Scientist: I’m not connected with this incident in any way.
Caption: Moments later…
Knight-Bat: You guys wanna grab some burgers?
Birdie: Heck yes.

Unconsciousness: Stage 2. This post would’ve been up a few minutes ago, but I got sidetracked with this, which might distract me for a quite a while today. As previously mentioned, this current storyline is written by John Campbell, creator of Stevie Might Be a Bear, Maybe (on sale here), who I teamed up with on the Butterfly story in Superior Showcase #1.

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: In an upcoming Butterfly storyline (in the fall) there are going to be alternate universe versions of our little hero making their way into the Butterfly universe. We’ve all seen the Dark Mirror universe, Earth 2, the Ultimate Universe, etc. Draw up a version of Butterfly from an alternate universe and send it in. I’m going to pick five reader-submitted versions of Butterfly to appear in the actual story, with credit on the web/print publication. (I’ll also send you some freebies.) Let’s say all entries should be in by June 1st. So get crackin’!

Also, you might have noticed the new ‘Comic text for translation’ thing at the top of the new posts, and the Babelfish translator over on the right. I’m testing the idea out to see if anyone finds it useful. Of course, in the last strip, I noticed that it translated ‘smart’ to ‘elegante’ in Spanish, which I’m not sure is correct. It ain’t perfect, but maybe it’ll help out a few folks trying to enjoy the strip.

As for what’s up with me, it’s been a fine week. I visited Memphis to talk about my experiences post-college to some illustration and comics classes at the college of art down there, at the request of Joel Priddy, a spectacularly talented fellow who let me read his story for AdHouse BooksFree Comic Book Day 2006 issue, The Preposterous Voyages of IronHide Tom! I can’t even tell you how much I liked the book. It was a blast, and would’ve been well worth a normal cover price, BUT IT’S FREE on May 6th! Talking to the students was fun and I got to meet some cool folks, some of whom I knew from LiveJournal and message boards. Got a new episode of Wake up a few days ago, and I’m trying to get ahead on these Butterfly strips since I’m going to be MIA 4 MAY.

Okay, back to Dungeon Master 3. Later!

8 Responses to “Denial: Stage 1.”

  1. T Campbell Says:


  2. -U! Says:

    ‘Smart’ in Spanish is ‘listo’.'Elegante’ means ‘smart’ in the ‘fashionable’ sense of the word.Still,I guess I shouldn’t worry very much,because if the translation gets confusing,there’re still pictures to understand what’s going on in the strip.

    By the way,Is there a deadline for the contest?

  3. -U! Says:

    «Still,I guess I shouldn’t worry very much (…)»
    Sorry…I meant YOU shouldn’t worry.My mistake.

  4. deantrippe Says:

    yeah i guess entries should be in by june first? i’ll add that to the post. :)

  5. Wayne Says:

    Alternate timelines, eh? Of course youi’re going to be calling it The Butterfly Effect? :)

  6. twig Says:

    ok just ignore the last post i sent k?

    i finally got the game to work and i also finished it is crap but good atthe sam time too lol

    anyway i am very sorry to hearthat i will have to wait to read butterfly again as i read and go back to my lastpoint whenever im on the computer.

    ok byeexx twig

  7. Tommy Says:

    “Smart” in Spanish is “Intelingente”. “Listo” means “ready”. Just wanted to clear that up!

  8. Fan of Don Lapre Says:

    Thanks for this story…. Of course, i enjoyed a lot… Looking forward for Dungeon Master 3…

    Fan of Don Lapre