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January 17th, 2007

Guest Art Month! Mike Maihack

Butterfly Guest Art Month continues! This week’s strip is by Cow & Buffalo creator and Parable organizer Mike Maihack. Way to create a new Butterfly villian, Mike! I have a feeling Brain-Freeze will be back!

ALSO! There’s a new comics collective on the block, Lunchbox Funnies! The new webcomics collective features:

Ryan Estrada’s Aki Alliance
Dave Roman’s Astronaut Academy
Mike Miahack Cow & Buffalo
Ovi Nedelcu’s Lunchbox
Ryan Sias’s Silent Kimbly
Tyler Martin’s Wally & Osborne
Trade Loeffler’s Zip and Li’l Bit

…and my own webcomic, Butterfly!

The group’s built around the idea of creating quality all-ages comics for everyone! Newsarama announced the launch here. Joining this alliance also means that Butterfly has a brand new forum over here! Please stop by and say hi!

In other news, HOURLY COMIC DAY DRAWS NEAR! This week I’ve enjoying going through the old Tom Baker Doctor Who episodes as well as Spongebob Squarepants Season 4! Anyone else smell a team-up?

Anyway, see you next week for the conclusion of Guest Art Month!

5 Responses to “Guest Art Month! Mike Maihack”

  1. Adam Cadwell Says:

    Hahaha! I liked that. Nicely done, Mike.
    “You churn this yourself?”

  2. mike Says:

    thanks, adam!

  3. buffalog » blog archive » butterfly guest strip Says:

    [...] in my excitement over lunchbox funnies on wednesday (see below), i totally forgot to mention that the guest strip i did for dean trippe’s awesome butterfly comic is up this week. go check it out! i actually drew it quite a while ago and i still like it. which is a rare thing for me. [...]

  4. Stranger UK Says:

    Got to admire a villain with an eye for a _long term_ plan to stop the hero! :)

  5. arch 14 Says:

    This one was particularly well done. I’m impressed with the guest strips quality.