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January 24th, 2007

Guest Art Month! Mike Laughead

Butterfly Guest Art Month concludes! This week’s strip was crafted by Mike Laughead, who’s something of a hypertalent. I became friends with Mike through the magic of the internet (and I think, the Flight Comics board), and while he was an awesome illustrator back then, he’s become one of the best I know. If you’re not familiar with his work, please become so now!

I also want to make sure you’re all aware of my favorite comics event of the year, HOURLY COMIC DAY, which is coming up soon! February 1st, actually. Get the official details from showrunner (and my good friend) John Campbell here, or you can listen to me ramble on about it’s awesomeness here. I’ve been doing little tests of my Hourly Comic style, and here’s one:

That’s it for now. Guess that means there will be a new Butterfly strip by your’s truly here next week! Been a while, I guess. See you then!

3 Responses to “Guest Art Month! Mike Laughead”

  1. Stranger UK Says:

    Actually, that’s pretty much the reason I ALWAYS saw Birdie’s progenitor as having for joining the team! “It’s the cape, the chicks dig the cape!” :)

  2. mike Says:

    ha ha! hooray, mike! awesome as always! ;D

  3. Mike Laughead Says:

    Thanks Mike and Stranger. I’m glad you like it. In retrospect, I shouldhave colored it. But it was fun to work with a brush.