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September 21st, 2007

That’s One Big Butterfly.

Grown-ups, huh? They never listen when you’ve just been turned into a giant over-powered superperson. Sheesh. Also, let me just tell you, I am really excited about these “Space Gods.”

Over at one of my other sites, Project: Rooftop, we just announced our 2nd annual costume contest: Fights, Flights, & Tights 2! Swing by and check it out! It’s a fun contest, so you should definitely enter.

By the way, for anyone who likes good superhero cartoons, there’s three bits of news this week worth mentioning:

1. Legion of Superheroes Season Two – Prepare for the Awesome. From this press release, it looks like this show is about to get game-changingly awesome. I am so psyched. I freaking LOVE these character designs! Wow! I get the feeling that since Teen Titans and Justice League have both ended, a bunch of hyper-talented folks were suddenly more available.

2. The upcoming Spider-Man cartoon looks to rock, based on the Sean Galloway’s released character designs. Man this show looks fun! I’ve been longing for a more fun-looking Spider-Man cartoon since I was a teenager. The 90′s series was too stodgy (though I watched!) and the last MTV one looked really stiff. Here’s hoping this one hits the mark. Spidey is a perfect character for animation!

3. Superman: Doomsday – Not for the kiddies, as it’s appropriately rated PG-13, but I enjoyed the heck out of this one, which was really surprising after the last few direct-to-video animated superhero flicks I’d watched. I really dug all the voice acting and Lex Luthor’s character design. All the special features are really great, too! Especially the New Frontier preview and the Life and Death of Superman retrospective. Louise Simonson is so cool!

That’s it for me! See you next time!

One Response to “That’s One Big Butterfly.”

  1. Vito Delsante Says:

    I like what you did with Seth. His powers seemed to have evolved. And i love that BF just thinks he’s another adult. Genius