Tree-Man & Butterfly for the Gulf

July 9th, 2010

Hey there Butterfly fans! The strip’s been on a pretty long hiatus, but I wanted to let you know about this picture I drew for my good friend Carly Monardo’s Web-Comics Auction for the Gulf of Mexico fundraiser, with all proceeds going to help with the huge, still on-going, environmental disaster in the Gulf. Here’s the original art up for auction now:


This oil spill is going to be with us for a long time, and is the result of human error, not just in the unsafe design of BP’s deep water oil drilling machinery, but also in our lax regulations of such endeavors. It’s times like this, when millions of people are affected by decisions that favor profit over people that I most wish superheroes like Butterfly and Tree-Man were here to save the day. For details on the organizations our fundraiser is supporting, click here.

Process shots of this hand inked drawing can be found here. Since I tend to draw the Butterfly comics digitally (when Jemma’s not handling the art chores far more capably), this is a rare chance to pick up original art by me featuring the lil’ guy. And of course, help support those whose lives have been affected by the oil spill. It’s a win-win.

If you’re looking for more content from me while Butterfly’s on a break, Project: Rooftop‘s back and going strong, I’m posting art at my new Tumblr blog, deviantArt, and of course, Twitter. Thanks for still caring enough about Butterfly to be checking in. Butterfly will return!

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  1. CyberSkull Says:

    Nice to see you posting on Butterfly again! :D