TADA Comics Camp 2019


Hello Students and Parents!

Today I’d like to officially open registration for the very first year of TADA’s Comics Camp! We’ll be meeting at the Jefferson Clubhouse all week, from 10:30am to 3:30pm. Students will learn the basics of digital drawing, constructing forms from simple shapes, and arranging panels to tell a story in the form of a small comic book.

Students will have the opportunity to draw their own stories, using traditional media and digital drawing tools. I’m extremely excited for this inaugural year, so I hope to see many new and familiar faces!

Register for TADA Comics Camp below:

Student Name & Upcoming Grade
Parent or Guardian Email

(Note: If you have trouble with the registration form, feel free to PayPal me directly at deantrippe@gmail.com, with your email, and your child’s name and grade level, for the total price of $225 for the week, and I’ll add your student to the Comics Camp roll.)