Iron Man by Bannister

Character: Iron Man
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Artist: Bannister
Reviewer: Dean Trippe

What I like about this design is the balance between slickness and clunkiness. Bann has retained the classic Iron Man color scheme, but adds his own steampunky kind of flavor. The neck guards look cool, and the lights on the arms make sense for someone who wants to avoid mid-air collisions!

I like how he’s kept the classic circle element on the hips, and the IM logo (a first for Iron Man?) on the chest is very stylish and has a corporate feel, which I think suits Tony Stark. The coolest thing about this design, in my opinion, is that with the light-up elements, it would be spookily recognizable even in total darkness.

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  1. I really enjoy Bannister’s work on this one. His design really brings a real weight to the armor that’s been lacking in recent memory; it’s less a skin-tight looking suit and more an actual piece of armor.

    The light-up elements are really eye-catching too. With the fact that’s it’s a guy in a suit of armor, there’s no way he can think of being stealthy. As a big CEO, he’d want to make it as flashy as possible.

  2. This is really cool. I like the fact this actually looks like a suit of armor. The whole notion of Iron Man in a skin-tight suit never sat well with me. It just seemed like there would be too many limitations with something that form-fitting. This looks like it would offer real protection to whoever’s in the suit. I like the way the light-up elements work with the face plate, too. It gives him a slightly more sinister appearance — he looks much more formidable.

  3. Can’t really add much to what others have already said. I dig that this kind of looks 3D rendered, since any “machine” like hero fits into that type of world. I REALLY dig the mask. Shades of Grendel in my mind.. instead of Kang. I’d actually like to see what all those doo-hickeys do, since that was one of the cooler things about Iron Man.. he had a built in utility belt.

  4. my biggest problem is in the neck area. Assuming that the armour fits to size…in other words that a human being is in there and he basically has a suit of armour on without being in a RoboTech mech armour …the neck looks kind of long. That piece that goes around the neck…is that necessary? It looks like a sneeze guard, and I’m wondering what the practical application (since it is a “working suit of armour”) of that is.

    I love the face though. someone else said it, and I agree…there are some shades of Kang the Conqueror there and I find that cool. I also love “im” logo and his arms. One question…where does the Uni-Beam shoot from? The belt?

  5. Some see Kang, some see Grendel… I see a jack o’lantern. It always looks that way to me whenever an artist chooses to have light come from Iron Man’s mouth as well as the eyes. (kind of a pet peeve of mine. Okay, so I think too much about supersuits. Don’t we all?) Apart from that and the odd light-leaking codpiece, This is definitely a cool design, nicely colored, too. I think it would look great in Marvel’s Adventures line. For pure realism, though, nothing will ever beat Bryan Hitch’s interpretation.

  6. Yeah, the glowing codpiece kinda frightens me :)

    That faceguard is almost like Cable’s shoulderpads. It screams “I’m so tough I can block the majority of my field of vision and still kick your @ss!”

  7. I kinda miss chest cannon/ light thingy and the area between the shoulders and forearms looks thin but still way better than the disgrace running around in the comics

  8. Love this. Looks like you could pick him up like a spray gun and tag the wall. I love the way this design references the clunkiness of IM’s grey armor, and the weird doohickeys of his 70s Avenger armor, and tweaks the mecha look that ruined Iron Man in the 90s. Great propane-tank-neck-guard accessory thingy. Better than having stupid oversized shoulder pads.

  9. I like the Iron Man design, it’s just that it’s drawn a bit cartoony, and while it’s a neat style, I think it detracts a bit from the overall design and how different it is. Exaggeration on a cartoon isn’t the same as exaggeration on more atanomical drawing. Personally, I think it’d be really neat to see this done in an action pose. I like the obtuse angles, I like the add-ons, I like the use of skin-tight in only a few areas, and I especially like the gauntlets, the flexible gloves look better than hard plates.

  10. I really wish I liked this, but I do not. The colors, the pose, the design just don’t look like Iron Man. Like all advances in technology, designs should become sleeker instead of clunkier. This should be especially true of Iron Man. (Does he have breasts?)

  11. I think this looks terrible, along with some of your redisigns… it’s like seeing the characters you loved,draped in ragshumiliated,crying. What you have done in alot of cases is SICK! the sneeze guard thing he has.. thats just ridicoulus
    I hope you stop what your doing

  12. “Glowing codpiece”, “sneeze guard” on the neck, lol! The hilarious comments this atrocity inspired almost makes up for how awful it is.

  13. Viewscreens. The neck thing is full of viewscreens. Never liked the idea that he can use viewscreens inside of the helmet. This drawing has the same shortcoming of many armor designs, that is, no room for a nose. I miss, but am not married to, two traditional design elements; the chest beam and the palm repulsars. At least it looks like he can move around in it, unlike that 80’s design that looked like he wouldn’t be able to move his shoulders and neck.

  14. I am digging this! the face plate actually reminds me of General Grievis from Revenge of the Sith. The neck gaurd reminds me of a cannister of propane gas but its really cool

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