Rogue by Nuno Alves

Character: Rogue
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Artist: Nuno Alves
Reviewer: Chris Arrant

In this piece, we see artist Nuno Alves has paired down Rogue’s traditional costume for something more sleek, adult and determined.

Harking back to her original costume first seen in Avengers Annual #10, Alves’ design goes further to simplify it with a simple black unitard as used by acrobats and dancers (and fetishists). The green scarf serves a complimentary function and intriguing aesthetic when imagined in motion. although such a trailing garment would leave herself vulnerable to a foe with quick hands and a strong grip. The green track shoes might at first seem against the lithe form and build of the costume, but when taken in consideration Rogue’s formidable strength, these sports shoes would provided added traction when accomplishing her tasks.

The redesign here alludes to a more iconic and seductive era. I’m personally reminded of the seminal work of Darwyn Cooke on DC: New Frontier in this redesign; not for any swipes or stylistic references, but of a shared reliance on the properties of Form and the use of simple clean lines as seen in early comics and most animation work today.

14 comments to “Rogue by Nuno Alves”
  1. Mod X-Men? Inspired work. Informed by character history, and the filmed adaptation!

    This is a very New York City herosuit.

    I have to wonder: does she headbutt everyone she steals powers from, or do the gloves come off?

  2. Looking back at late 80’s & 90’s Xmen, before Rogue got all wonky, she used to pretty exclusively kiss those she was stealing powers from. Which totally makes more sense from the character’s origin. I don’t see the unitard as a problem in that aspect. Really well designed and thought through. The only problem that I see is the already-mentioned scarf. While great from a design standpoint – it doesn’t make much sense in battle. Great work!

  3. I love this design! It’s striking and beautiful while still totally functional. The unitard is perfect for someone so paranoid about accidental contact but in battle would probably shred pretty easily making her more dangerous to an opponent. The scarf may be a liability in a fight but it adds so much to the design. It feels like a nod to Ms. Marvel which makes perfect sense. Great Job Nuno!

  4. People mention the scarf getting in the way of battle, but doesn’t this also apply to capes? One’s reminded of Edna Mode’s (The Incredibles’ clothes designer) arguments for not having one but some of the most iconic superheroes still wear capes. I think the scarf is stylish and considering Rogue’s powers and strength I think in battle it would work just fine. Nuno’s art is also striking and modern, reminiscent of fashion illustrators and as someone commented on the livejournal feed, the start of “Catch Me If You Can.”

  5. I saw this posted elsewhere with the other x-designs and I love it.
    My earlier comment was that it works like X-men DANGER Room work out gear… because of the sneakers and track suit styles.
    For rogue alone it fits as a regular uniform as well. The art style really sells it.

  6. I really dig this one from a purely aesthetic aspect. There’s something very magnetic in it’s simplicity and it’s ode to French-European style, if you will. Looking at the rest of Nuno’s recently posted work (I really dig the Sunfire and the Misty/Colleen) there seems to be a firm grasp on high fashion and it’s really appealing.

    Yeah, the scarf is a bit of a handicap in battle, but the same could be said for the aviator jacket she as sported for quite a while.

    I’m not sure the design fits with the character (but I admittedly know little about, and care little for the character) but I am very impressed with the visual (both in concept and style) presented here.

  7. I hate those sneakers, but I 100% love the rest. If she had some kind of boot…maybe just green straps going up her leg, I’d be more inclined to love the whole piece.

    Someone else said it, but it is indeed sexy. When I was younger, I had the biggest crush on Rogue, and this puts her back in my comic crush list (after all the redheads, that is)

  8. I dig it, even the sneakers. Very retro, but the sneakers modernize it. It’s young, stylish, and sexy – without being embarassingly revealing.

    As for being a New York hero costume, remember – she’s from Mississippi.

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