Ms. Marvel by Travel Foreman

Character: Ms. Marvel
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Artist: Travel Foreman
Colorist: Chris Piers
Reviewer: Chris Arrant

Although originally created in 1968 by Roy Thomas & Gene Colan, it wasn’t until 1978 that she found herself. Under the expert pencils of David Cockrum in Ms. Marvel #20, Carol Danvers walked out of the shadow of Captain Marvel and his clothing style into her own costume. But 28 years is a long time no matter if it’s in comics or not, and maybe Ms. Marvel needs a fashion upgrade.

In this design submitted by cartoonist Travel Foreman, Ms. Marvel has completely shorn the vestiges of the other Marvel in the Marvel Universe. While keeping the long gloves and boots from before, the dark blues and reds have been supplanted by a stark white. They say white is the color of renewal, and maybe that’s just what Ms. Marvel needs.

“The impetus of this design was to give Ms. Marvel a more iconic look,” said Foreman in his submission. This new costume goes great lengths to set her apart from her superhero peers, although she might be at odds with Emma Frost but probably trade fashion tips. The “M” logo on her chest is simple and iconic, but might still need some work to reach a final solution.

The garment adorning the body promises a bit more skin that fans of Ms. Marvel are used to. Although her superpowers would make this increased skin no cause for concern, it still might lead to some overzealous super villains looking for weaknesses in her modesty rather than her physicality. But when were superhero costumes completely realistic?

Kudos go to colorist Chris Piers from taking Foreman’s design and imparting his own skills and not “coloring in the lines.”

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  1. I dunno. This looks more like a weird grown up Mary Marvel look. I think the “belt/lady part protector” is just odd. Too “fetishistic” is that’s a word. :)

    I do like the insignia and collar, though. Sort of reminds me of a Legion of Superheroes-like costume.

  2. i do like the design, but not for marvel. i think if the hair was shorter it could pass for a Powergirl redesign though

  3. Eh, looks like Miss Marvel custome if her rights were
    bought for Avatar Press. Too much of a wank costume.
    The classic one at least is a tad more modest.

  4. *yawn*

    Hrmm… female superhero… I know! We’ll put her in a bathing suit! That’s practical! Yeah! With thigh-high boots! Yeah!

    Nothing new to see here. Move along.

  5. I like the starkness of the design… ie: the black outline and white combo. Also, the simplicity of the logo on her chest.

    I’m confused on the arm-thingies and belt. When people wear those arm-thingies, do they have to have other people help put them on? Hard to believe, but I’ve never worn them. And, I guess I’m just wondering the history of the belt. It looks like it should have a history.. like someone gave it to her or something.

    Anyway, really nice drawing, coloring, design, etc… like others, I’m just not sure if it’s a good fit for Ms. Marvel. But, I haven’t been following what she’s been up to either.

  6. Hm. The boots, gloves and belt don’t belong. It looks like she’s wearing bits and pieces of two or three other people’s costumes. But then I’ve never been a fan of superhero costumes that also work as fetish wear.

    That said, I like the main body of the costume. Give her Wonder-Woman-style bracelets (either silver, or white with black trim to match the body) and sandals. Either lose the belt or color-coordinate it: Silver buckle and black belt.

    If I’m reading this thing right, it doesn’t really have a back. I can’t decide how I feel about that.

  7. I do like the look a lot, but I think it would be better if it kept the lines but had a back to it.

  8. Great art. The belt doesn’t fit in with her whit fetish suit
    Yeah, I think it does need a story to it if it’s going to be thrown in.
    I know she used to have a mask .
    But I don’t know if she’s a dual identity character that needs to still have a mask.
    the “bathing suit” is fine. At least we aren’t wondering why she’s wearing gap jeans into battle. Leave that to Luke Cage.

  9. When she puts her right leg down, what keeps that belt from sliding down her thighs and landing around her ankles? The way it’s drawn, it’s clearly riding *below* the widest point of her hips; there’s nothing to keep it up! I agree with MattG, this is typical– all flash and image, no thought given to how the female body actually works.

  10. I really like the draughtsmanship of this design: the sheer power in the way she flies, the detailing of the boots, the way Carol’s body bulges just slightly around the straps and the clothing edges, the hair … The coloring is also lovely.

    However, the design, I’m not so fond of. I’ve actually thought, “Man, Carol needs a redesign,” before, usually followed immediately by, “Pants would be a great start.” This outfit? It would make great fetishwear, with the color and all the buckles and ties (not to mention the unfortunate placement of the belt – chastity guard?), but an outfit for a superhero currently trying to give her reputation a boost? I don’t see it. I’ve always thought that Ms. Marvel’s black swimsuit deal was a little silly, but at least it was a relatively straightforward swimsuit.

    Gonna have to agree with the others that the “M” insignia and the collar look great, though.

  11. This is a great redesign! Aside from the obvious similarities to Emma Frost, which could be easily handled with a mask or slight accent colors, this one is a keeper.

  12. I agree on the contrast of the lines, but I don’t understand how someone who fights crime for a living has the time to shave their bikini line.

    And… well… that line along her “lady part” needs to go. Love the hair, though.

  13. I’ve got really mixed feelings about this outfit. The artwork is excellent, and I really like the color scheme and some of the design elements, especially the sharp black edging.

    But the actual suit? I know I wouldn’t want to do battle in it, it looks incredibly uncomfortable. The strap around the back looks way too tight, and the thong-like bottom is unappealing on multiple levels. The fashion belt looks inconsistent and, honestly, both silly and trendy. It’s like a pinup version of a real costume, and while sexiness has traditionally trumped practicality for female superheros, I’m really not buying it here. I think I’d like it a lot better if there was maybe an inch more coverage for the lady bits and a fuller back for the bust, with the black strap kept as a detail.

  14. Well, I’m pretty much jumping on the bandwagon, here. This is a nice drawing, and there’s an angularity to the costume’s design that is eye-catching, but, seriously, who outside of the porn industry would even consider putting something like this on? Don’t we keep telling ourselves that comics are mature now? Can’t we please move past crotch-floss? Pretty please?

  15. This has to be the nit-pickiest bunch of people I’ve ever heard in my life.

    Great art and design. Keep up the great work, Foreman and Piers!!

  16. The drawing itself is gorgeous. Great use of line, and I love the way the costume hugs the body.

    Honestly, I think the top half of the costume is great. I could live without the logo, or a redesign, but the only real issue I have is the lower half; and the reason I say that is 1) it’s impractical (aforementioned points on the belt, as well as that little… camel toe thing she’s got going on) and 2) it’s been done.

  17. I think part of the look may be a nod to Carol Danvers’ Binary identity. The more I look at this design the more that makes sense to me. I like the belt if it has a story. The boots and “gloves”…maybe not so much.

  18. The point of this can be feedback and sharing ideas … not to just say “nice work”. There’s no point there. It is nice work and they already know that it is. Yes, sometimes people are needlessly harsh, but at least ideas, observations and thoughts are coming out, not just back patting.

  19. It is a very nice piece, although I don’t agree with the colour choice. Gold with black trim, or black with gold trim, would be more fitting, at least in mu opinion.

  20. Although I am always in favor of adding white to any superhero costume (it’s such a bold yet under-used color), this costume leaves me cold.

    First, Ms. Marvel’s Dave Cockrum-designed costume (with the sash, stylized lightning bolt, etc.) is almost the perfect superheroine costume. It’s bold, simple and striking. Secondly, this redesign doesn’t look very practical and seems very “White Queen.”

    Out of all the poorly dressed superheroes out there, a more fitting redesign could be found. Carol Danvers doesn’t need one.

  21. I think the drawing is superb. I don’t agree with the “it’s been done” critiques for such things as the boots, gloves and ‘line going down her costume’. What’s next? Saying having tight clothing has been done? She’s a superhero.

    The only thing I think could be thought of as out of place is the belt. But even that is designed and drawn beautifully.

    I also like the simple color scheme choice of white and black, with her flowing blonde hair throwing some color in.

  22. Yes, it really is great art. So good that it almost makes up for the stupid costume that belongs on a hooker, not any kind of “hero”. The bizarre crotch belt is especially loony. What the heck holds it up? Never mind. I don’t care.


  23. Hate to repeat what’s already been said but this is a well-drawn, well coloured, fetish outfit.

    Although there are some great details like the collar, fingerless gloves and boot tailoring to make Ms Marvel’s costume all about sex is inappropiate and not true to character.

  24. Well, she wears a bathing suit for a costume now, so I really don’t see how this is any worse. I think it’s cool.

  25. Ms.Marvel’s costume does looks nice on her, but you have to lose the belt around her waist-line. She needs a mask on her face to hide her identity.

  26. Nice art, terrible re-design.

    More fitting for a superpowered prostitute dabbling in bondage and SnM than a NASA lady, former WOMAN magazine editor and all-around ass-kicker.

    And how exactly are we supposed to fathom this is Ms.Marvel had we not been told on the website?
    I thought one of the requirements to submit art here was for the character to be somewhat recognizable even with the new designs…

    That M on her chest could stand for mutant…heck, if nobody had told me this was supposed to be Carol, I had easily thought it was Emma Frost.

  27. It seems that after Emma’s psychic forcefeeding of Carol in the recent New X-Men issue, Carol has now adopted Emma’s disdain for color, public obscenity laws and the laws of physics as applied to clothing. Tacky, very tacky.

  28. Y’know, I don’t really see the ‘amount of clothing difference’ between this design and Ms Marvel’s current costume shown, for example, here –

    I like this design and the secret identity is obviously becoming less important in Marvel comics, with her being a registered super hero now.

    Let’s also not forget that the colouring (and shape) of this costume is the same as Carol Danvers binary costume (, so it’s not a completely out of the blue change.

  29. I think just keep the white look, but add back the Yellow bolt on the front and give her a sash again. Otherwise, it’s too different and really makes the look a bit difficult to associate with ms. marvel.

  30. Looks more like Emma Frost (the White Queen). I The Warbird costume is fine, sexy, and powerful. I do like the “M” logo on her, though.

  31. I should hate this more than I do. The costume is a fetish outfit… but I love it sooo much. It probably is the art. but I like it so much. It might not be right for Carol Danvers, but hot damn.

    That said, if a district attourney can be a dominatrix on the side, why can’t a dominatrix be a Superhero in her’s? I don’t think they ALL need to be that, but I don’t think we should see them all covered up either. It’s the wrong costume for this character, but it’s the right costume for somebody… and she doesn’t have to be a prostitute to wear it either (way to shame exhibitionists, folks)

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