Kitty Pryde by Mike Maihack

Character: Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Artist: Mike Maihack
Reviewer: Dean Trippe

In light of Kitty Pryde’s ‘Die Hard’ situation in the newest issue of Astonishing X-Men, I felt like it was time to break out Mike Maihack’s redesign of her costume. It’s simple and fairly straightforward (though that may be the result of our senses beeing dulled by literally hundreds of X-uniforms over the years), but the simplicity in design works in favor of multiple artist’s styles drawing it. It’d look great in a cartoonier style like this, and still look awesome drawn by series artist John Cassaday.

I could also see this as a costume for Kitty’s Ultimate counterpart, especially since it looks a good deal edgier than the suit she’s wearing over in those titles.

The short-sleeve shoulder flares recall various incarnations of her uniform, and the headband makes a subtle reference to the different masks she’s worn. Including Lockheed is a nice touch as well. I wouldn’t mind a few design complications, such as utility pockets on the belt, or a delineation between her suit and her boots, but I love the simple yellow “X” on the top and the classic red belt buckle.

Simple, clean, classic. It’s a winner all around.

10 comments to “Kitty Pryde by Mike Maihack”
  1. This is a subtle variation on a theme we’ve seen hundreds of times. It’s not a huge departure from other X-costumes we’ve seen in the past. It’s also hard to seperate the subtle costume design change from the radical style shift to a more cartoony look for the character.

    In general, I like the costume. The headband works for me without feeling “’80s-ish.” I like the gloves. And I like the simplicty of the Xs incorporated into the design.

    As noted, a little more definition in the footwear area might be appropriate. X-men wear boots. This looks like a bodysuit.

  2. I don’t think you have to wear boots if you can slip through solid objects or walk above the ground. Boots are utilitarian, and her suit doesn’t really have to be – in fact, she’s one of those characters that is only in uniform to be in uniform – it’s not as though the costume needs to be functional. I like the classic look of this, though again, redeisgns on X-characters seem a bit redundant sometimes unless they’re major departures.

  3. Nice rendering, but it’s just another X suit that gets lost in the crowd. Her superhero name is “Shadowcat”. So, why not make a suit to suit the name. This is to easy. Where’s the challenge?

  4. I agree I think that the costume is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It feels quite similar to costumes that we’ve seen in the past. It is well done, but it isn’t the radical reimagining that we’ve seen with some of the other submissions here.

  5. I agree with the boots comment. Boots would be cool.

    I think the fact that a lot of people are seeing this as a minor revision is a compliment. Some people said the same things about Joel Carroll’s Falcon and my Spectre. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. We’re trying to make it run smoother and look slick doing it.

  6. This seems like a good design for a fourteen year-old Kitty Pryde. The bare upper arms and gloves give a bit of youth and jauntiness to the basic black and yellow X-palette. And the drawing, of course, is a delightful rendition of the spunky teen version of the character. The costume’s footies do seem insufficiently considered. But maybe not boots. I agree with Squidbag’s observation that Kitty’s costume doesn’t need to be nearly as practical as most others. And, if this is the fourteen year-old pre-ninja Kitty, practicality would not neccessarily be a top consideration. So, maybe something cute. With kitten heels.

    For all the exact same reasons that I like it for young Kitty, I don’t think it works as well for the older, more sensible Kitty Pryde of Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. I have trouble seeing her in a headband.

  7. thanks for all the comments and critiques, guys!

    yeah, i wasn’t really thinking of any drastic costume change for kitty, just pulling a lot of the elements i’ve enjoyed over the years and trying to create something simple with them. i liked the idea that if she was somewhat hidden in the shadows, all you would see is this giant yellow “X”. likewise, i wanted her to have a quiet, stealthy like ninja quality to her which is
    why i didn’t give her any boots. though i did like joel’s kitten heels idea.

    and yeah- i was thinking of a younger “ultimate” kitty pryde while drawing this. i’d like to see all the ultimate x-men in some sleeker black and yellow costumes. i also want to see ultimate lockheed. :)

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