Gambit by Chad Thomas

Character: Gambit
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Artist: Chad Thomas
Reviewer: Chris Arrant

A rough-around-the-edges hero if there ever was one, in some ways Gambit could be described as a neo-Shōjo character in the Marvel universe. Is he a master thief? A street hustler? A Cajun canoodler? He’s all three. Click here for a larger version of Chad’s  take on Gambit.

Since his debut in 1990 at the hands of Chris Claremont and Jim Lee, his costume has varied over time and through various artists – the only consistencies being a trench-coat, a purple/black superhero costume, and a set of kneepads. In this more street-level design submitted by Chad Thomas, Remy LeBeau is still the Gambit we all know by heart – but without the cliché superhero costume required on anyone with a super power it seems.

In this design, Gambit seems like he just walked off the streets – torn jeans, tennis shoes, and a half-length jacket covering up a superhero under-suit. When it’s worn for practical reasons instead of visual reasons, you can better understand some honest qualities of it that might be useful –- for warmth, protection, or the occasional clothes-burning explosion. The utility belt, while seeming cliché, actually serves a useful purpose for Gambit; to hold his playing cards and even his smokes.

The character of Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit, has never been one that would seem up for playing dress-up. He does what he feels is right, without trying to be a classic superhero like Captain America or Spider-man. Chad Thomas does a great job of recognizing the core personality of Gambit and finding a set of duds that he’d honestly be comfortable in.

18 comments to “Gambit by Chad Thomas”
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  3. I’ve always cringed at the sight of Gambit’s costume in the comics.

    Chad Thomas has done an excellent job here. This is an awesome redesign, and I must say; I wouldn’t be surprized to see marvel go more in this direction soon. Far more in-line with how the character is written.

  4. love it. the scarf is great. i always preferred heroes with waist-length jackets if they were known for acrobatics and the like. the trench coat never worked for me(although it does in nextwave).
    i always wondered why gambit used playing cards. was kind of hoping to see some marbles or ball barings for him to charge and throw(so much easier to aim!).
    great design.

  5. Well you gotta admit the playing cards are pretty cool.

    I have never cared for the character and horrible hot pink body armour did not mitigate my hatred. However I do like this design, unlike a lot of redesigns on this site it fits the character’s personality and uses established costume elements (the coat, the costume on the chest) instead of throwing the bay out with the bathwater. It’s street where it should be and super-hero where it should be. Plus I love the scarf.

  6. this is great! and he kept the black and pink chest plate too. interesting…

    gotta say, like the rogue one from a while back, the scarf is what makes this design.

    oh- and fantastic drawing too!

  7. I always liked the IDEA of Gambit, but the execution has often been lacking. Same as the design, but this one is great. Really fitting clothes for this particular character.

  8. I like the Dr who take… I just don’t think that it’s so much different from what he had in his early days.

    The cards are practical for carrying a large number of throwable objects that weigh very little, can slip through cracks and don’t make noise in his pockets. They come pre-packaged and at times, can vary in size ( he could carry lil’ old-maid cards or UNO cards)

  9. Gambit is by far my favorite marvel character. This character is the loveable rogue with questionable morals. I like the art itself and the costume worn underneath his street cloths but he is way too much of a ladies man to wander around that dishevaled. Im more of a fan of him having a trenchcoat as well.

  10. I always thought that the cards were also good because outside of his hands they wouldn’t be considered a weapon. People who don’t know that he’s Gambit wouldn’t look at this as a threat, whereas ball bearings and marbles would be really odd and might set off metal detectors as well. Paper doesn’t do that.

  11. I had heard that the red dye once used for the hearts and playing cards diamonds were made of a combustible chemical! But then this was like, years ago.

  12. its nice to know people can get that ridiculous hot pink body suit out of there minds and come up with something really original i love it man you can instantly tell this guy’s domain is the street it just keeps so much of his origin although it says more New York then New Orleans but i like it

  13. I love how it reminds me of Josh Holloway from LOST. He’d make an Amazing Gambit. ANd THIS should be the design for the costume. Very Jamie Hewlett from back in his Tank Girl days. I loves it!

  14. Very good, but if we’re getting into the practicality of his costume, then you really shouldn’t be drawing Gambit with a shoe untied.

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