Fashion Emergency, Supergirl! Part III

It’s Day 3 of Supergirl Week, brought to you by P:R and S.G., and we’ve got some more rocking Supergirl redesigns for ya!

Mike Maihack, Tampa, FL

Dean Trippe: Mike manages to rely pretty heavily on the current Supergirl costume, but his little modifications, like the modded boots, the looser-fitting shirt, and the altered symbol really make it eye-catching.

Joel Priddy: I like the slung-over-shoulder cape, and I’m intrigued by the S-shield with a white background. I’m not sure that this is the S-shield I’d want to see, but it could be a good point of departure.

Chris Arrant: I feel a little bit of Mary Marvel/Shazam inspiration going on here with the slung-over-shoulder cape and the white elements. As a rule i’m against billowy sleeves, but in this design it makes it work.

Vito Delsante: My favorite of the bunch. I agree with what Chris said…it really conveys her youth very well, but that’s not the costume, it’s his drawing. So, looking at the costume, it doesn’t really look like anything new…just the same old same old. Nothing against it…I just think his art work makes this entry a lot more eye catching than the costume interpretation. I’d like to see him draw a Supergirl/Mary Marvel/Batgirl story!

Jessica Plummer: Agreed. The draftsmanship is lovely, but it doesn’t fix any of the problems with the current costume.

Clio Chiang, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Dean Trippe: Clio’s design is very classic, feeling, but check out the new elements. The sleeves are short, the boots are now blue, and she’s added a pocket to the belt for carrying stuff. Good calls all around.

Joel Priddy: A breath-taking, lovely drawing. There’s no way to approach this project without first making some decisions about who Supergirl is. This Supergirl speaks of innocence and delight that would never fit into the present DCU—but why should she want to? She needs her own series with her own continuity, sold to girls who don’t go to comic book stores. The little details, like the bracelet and the belt-pouch, are wonderful. The extended cape would be a problem when not floating in the clouds, but we can just claim that it’s a bit of Kryptonian technology that changes length and shape as appropriate, right?

Dean: Kryptonian technology solves everything!

Chris Arrant: This one, out of all the designs, has the most personality and charm. Much of that is owed to the story it’s telling and the look on her face, but the outfit works to compliment the personality behind it. It looks like something she chose to wear, not a costume, outfit or uniform.

Vito Delsante: I like the length of the sleeves on the shirt. Not a t-shirt, but not long sleeves…about 3/4. I don’t know why my eyes went there first, but there you have it. I also like how comfortable the clothes look on her. It’s not a form fitting costume, which is why this is a nice look.

Jessica Plummer: Love it!

Jamie Baldwin, Baltimore, MD

Dean Trippe: I love this Supergirl costume, and the Power Girl to accompany it is just great. They have something of a Silver Age meets Teen Vogue kinda thing going on. Kara’s outfit, in particular, reminds me of the fashion from Silver Age Krypton, which seems appropriate. Moving Kara’s symbol to the belt is a really cute move, and the symbol itself has been updated nicely. Supergirl’s barrette and Power Girl’s headband are too cool for school.

Chris Arrant: Like Dean said, I like the barrette and belt buckle in place of a chest emblem. I like what Jamie’s thinking with changing the way the costume connects to the body, but it doesn’t feel right still.

Jessica Plummer: There’s something a little too subdued about the Supergirl costume here, I think. I think brightening up the colors and moving the symbol back to the chest (sorry, Dean and Chris!) would liven it up a bit. I do like the Kryptonian elements, though!

Dean Trippe: Maybe it’s Jamie’s super sweet art style winning me over, but I really dig these. Sean McKeever should be writing this Supergirl.

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  1. i LOVE clio’s design! i like what chris said about it looking like something she chose to wear…she just looks COMFORTABLE. supergirl is wearing her costume, as opposed to it wearing her.

    joel is right, she needs her own series!

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