Fashion Emergency, Supergirl! Conclusion

To conclude Supergirl Week, we wanted to link a few more of our favorite entries from the Draw Supergirl meme (which is still going!), and as a very special treat, Sophie Campbell, whose earlier design struck a cord with all our reviewers, has created another fantastic Supergirl, and P:R regular Joel Carroll sent us his incredible last minute entry.

Sophie Campbell, Rochester, NY
Joel Carroll, Orlando, FL15 More Supergirls!

And that’s it for Supergirl Week! The Project: Rooftop gang had a great time teaming up with Super. Girl., and we all had a blast reviewing the fifteen redesigns. Jessica Plummer’s comprehensive look at Supergirl’s past costumes, A Supergirl Costume Retrospective: The Good, the Bad, and the Booty Shorts is still available, and will remain (like all the other useful articles over there) as a resource for creators and fans. Thanks to all the new sites, blogs, and forums that got in on the fun by linking P:R, S.G., and Girl-Wonder, and talking about their favorite Supergirls from the week. Thanks also to the amazing artists who took time out of their lives to explore what Supergirl means to them. For us, events like this that celebrate the creativity, unity, and fun involved in superhero comics serve only to strengthen the industy and remind us of why it’s so great to be a part of it.

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  1. That was a lot of fun. I would like to see a coule of these done as conmcepts to attract girl readers (like Kat and Mouse / Babysitters Club GN readers). #13 was great. That is the one that should be explored further by DC. #8 was cute. The one with SG floating on Dean Trippe’s livefournal is beautiful. The colours are fantastic.

  2. Wow, nice little addendum. I wish these images had come in earlier, so that there’d been a chance to round-table them, but I’m glad that they made in time to be shared here.

    I appreciate that Joel Carroll provided different views of his costume. This helps make the drawing vs. costume distinction that is always houding us here at the Rooftop. I like this design. It looks great in action, and it has some of the Kryptonian fashion sense to it that we discussed in other entires, but still works with an earthbound aesthetic. Although, again, I’m thinking “Superwoman” more than Supergirl. And maybe some tights under that loincloth–at least covering the top half of her thighs.

    As far as Ross Campbell goes… Listen, Ross, as much as the health of our medium needs comics on a variety of subject matter, like you present in your wonderful Wet Moon, you just may owe the world yet another superhero book. Seriously: giant mosters, robot-alien invasions, Wessinger-era head-trip silliness… and one of your superheroines. It would be a beautiful thing.

  3. I love Ross Campbell’s design, but there’s just one thing that still bothers me intensely. Look, the short-shorts are a great idea- they’re good-looking, they’re practical for flying in, they hearken back to the days of the hot-pants and the V-neck sweatshirt that I’ve always been irrationally fond of, but do they have to be so *low*? If she were wearing the current Supergirl’s midriff-baring shirt, we’d be getting a good look at whether or not she waxed. (Current Supergirl obviously waxes religiously. And wants everyone to *know*.) Moving the belt up a few inches, just enough to cover her hipbones, would make a big difference.

    Pickiness aside, the gloves are made of distilled awesome, and I love the tread on her boots. It’s got a great balance of striking and practical.

    I like the color scheme on Joel Carroll’s, but with the gauntlets and the loincloth she looks a bit like a renegade Amazon. Actually, that could go over well with some backstory in place- Diana did design some of Kara’s outfits Pre-Crisis, didn’t she? Although I’ve never really understood the appeal of the loincloth. It’s the one bit of superheroine legwear possibly even more useless than the skirt.

  4. What a good week – great to see new posts everyday. It’s a shame these last two didn’t get comments – I think they’re my favourites! I would’ve swapped the white in Ross’ for Red, but otherwise it’s great. Much better than the hideous thing Supergirl is wearing in current continuity. Well done guys! I vote for more focus weeks!

  5. I agree —more focus weeks!

    And thanks a lot,I didn’t expect my silly design to show up among the last 15 extras.By the way,link #1 in that list is broken.

  6. I loved looking at these, Supergirl is so tough to design. I ended up making my version from ELSEWORLD’S FINEST covered from head to toe, any time I put anything on her suit other than the “S”, it just didn’t work. Great art and designs everybody! – mh

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