Black Canary by Maris Wicks

Character: Black Canary
Publisher: DC Comics
Artist: Maris Wicks
Reviewer: Dean Trippe

A sexy superheroine with a sonic scream, Black Canary has seen her fair share of costume changes over the years, but is best known for her blonde hair, black suit, and fishnets. Maris has retained all of those attributes in this styling redesign. Since a 1980’s revision, Black Canary has been a legacy character, with the mantle passing from mother to daughter. Since the current Canary’s a grown woman (and supposedly about to is marry Green Arrow), I think this design makes the most sense as a next gen character. I could really see a character with this vibe working well on the Teen Titans, or kicking around the BC/GA books. I especially love the sneakers and jacket (dig the patch).

9 comments to “Black Canary by Maris Wicks”
  1. I agree with Dean’s assessment, re: next gen Canary. Jacket, patch, sneakers, and attitude are great. The athletic shorts work in this drawing, but might not translate well into other styles. The fishnets layered with athletic socks are hilarious, and make for fun play on the the whole impractical history of Black Canary’s choice of leggings.

    If DC ever does a third Bizarro Comics, they should definitely give Ms. Wicks a call.

  2. I don’t run into many grown women that dress this way. I’m a fan of most of the PR featured designs, but not this one. Almost disturbingly bad.

  3. Well, is she a child or an adult? In real life I would think that fishnets and red gym shirts would peg you for a prostitute, but this is supehero comics and the real world rules just don’t apply. Visually this is a good design and it really looks like something you might see on a young girl these days. Well except for the stockings, but I don’t see how they are considered innapropriate when without them she would be showing slightly more skin than with them and I don’t see anyone complaining about a young girl in gym shorts.

  4. I don’t think many grown women do dress this way (although I know quite a few that would). I also don’t think this character is meant to be a grown woman. I like this design a lot.

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  6. Fishnets are part of the “lingerie uniform” some women wear to sexually arouse men. It would have been the same if that girl had on a bra without a t-shirt or even a corset. See, creepy.

    Read quick before they delete my post again.

  7. I’m a female teenager, and I have seen girls wearing the exact same ensemble from the waist down at school. So this design makes me giggle a bit. Go Maris Wicks.

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