Iron Fist by Edi Torres

Character: Iron Fist
Publisher: Marvel
Artist: Edi Torres
Reviewer: Vito Delsante

Created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in the 70’s during the Kung-Fu craze, Iron Fist would become better known by the company he kept…namely one Luke Cage, Power Man. Before there was even a term, “buddy flick,” Luke and Danny held it down Harlem-meets-Shaolin style. Their pairing, in view of the times in which it happened, was pure genius, like Shaft teaming up with Bruce Lee.

Currently, Iron Fist is headlining his own book and is a member of the new New Avengers team. In addition to martial arts prowess, he also has a super power…the “iron fist.” Danny can focus his chi (which is essentially the life force of all living beings) and hit you so hard, it feels as if it was made of iron.

As for the redesign, kudos to Edi for keeping the color scheme and mask. Moving to the collar…the problem with that high collar is that it’s indicative of it’s time…it’s purely 70’s. The current Iron Fist series artist David Aja jettisoned it in his redesign, but here, Edi’s made it functional, by incorporating it into the tunic. And check out that belt/sash. It’s fantastic! The pouch attached at the back for additional weapons is clever, simple, and conveniently out of the way for fighting. I’m not a big fan of the slippers…never was. I once wore a pair of those slippers when I was a kid, and they flew off, so if there was something I would have liked Edi to change, it would be that.

And there are two brilliant touches here. First, the chest tattoo blending into the jacket design looks awesome. And second, look at the subtlety of the iron fist. Traditionally, Iron Fist’s Iron Fist is represented by firey energy, but Edi’s simple glow effect works great. Nicely done!

15 comments to “Iron Fist by Edi Torres”
  1. Oh man, i love the slippers. Total kung-fu chic. Also a big fan of the tufts of Danny’s hair poking out the back of his mask.
    What i don’t like are the sleeves turning into the gloves with that little bit of it going btwn the thumb and forefinger.
    Overall though, flippin’ superb.
    (comments might be slightly biased, i’m a big fan of the ol’ Iron Fist)

  2. Lovely use of color, but as a diehard Iron Fist fan, a few comments:

    Danny’s mark on his chest isn’t a tattoo, it’s a burn mark in the shape of Shou-Lao the Undying.

    Secondly, Danny traditionally doesn’t use weapons, so…the pouch in back just looks weird and unnecessary.

  3. I really like this re-design. I am in agreement with craig in that the only thing that bugs me are those sleeves that hug the arm.

    Since a lot of the elements are from a traditional kung fu outfit already, I would think that regular cylindrical sleeves would not only provide a classic look, but also provide a more substantial upper body silhouette, like a chinese phantom.

    At the very least, the sleeves could be rolled up halfway up to the elbows, a la Lei/Jackie Chan.

  4. Love the artwork bro, been a long time coming and the kudos are much deserved. Like the way you updated the character without changing who he is. And as for the pouch, It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Keep up the good work!

  5. To add to the comment above. I prefer David Aja’s because it’s slick and not frumpy. This one has too many pieces and that huge pouch and tons of fabric on the front isn’t too practical and yeah, Iron doesn’t carry weapons. Otherwise, why need an Iron Fist?

  6. I like the slippers and most of the kung fu outfit touches. That sash/fanny pack does look really bulky the way it’s been drawn. I’m not really digging the wrap-around collar either. Seems like it would get in the way.

    Cool take though and I love the art itself.

  7. In reponse to the comment made about Iron Fist needing a sandwich, that’s the beauty of having an “iron fist”, you don’t need to be overly muscular if you have an “iron fist”. I think it’s great that Edi shows that you don’t necessarily need to be BIG to be strong. If he was bigger, he wouldn’t be as agile. Kudos to Edi for representing that.

  8. Technically it’s more like Shaft teaming up with Chuck Norris since Bruce Lee’s counterpart has already been established as Shang Chi.

  9. To me, IF is a “ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of a design. I love the Kane original. The things that are changed here aren’t improvements to me; they’re just changes.

  10. I8 hate how when people say “superhero” they instantly get an image of a herculean type figure. A persons body should reflect both his personality and its purpose, no use being able to do the stuff Bruce Lee could do but to heavy and slow to do it. Edi proved this very well i am most diggin this. What im not diggin however are his gloves i don’t know why but they aren’t doin it for for me and his collar seems a little stiff as if your meant to screw on a giant glass dome on top other then that i think its cool keep up the good work

  11. Have just found this site… and for some strange reason, although semi-familiar with Danny Rand (and marvel in general) I keep wanting to say “Ooh! Look! Orlando Bloom!”

    Nifty design though, maybe bring the gloves to cover the knuckles for practicality’s sake.

  12. Great design. The only things I’d really critique are the pouch (not really needed, as previously mentioned) and the with rather excessive width and thickness of the belt (it looks to be wrapped around his body many times, which seems likely to hinder the movements of his torso in a fight). Other than than, it’s all good.

  13. Interesting design but I’m not feeling the yellow dragon motif coupling with the one on his chest. It seems like overkill to go with both.

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