Faster Fashion, Bart Allen, Part Four

Note: This week’s Bart Allen (aka Impulse aka Kid Flash aka The Flash) redesigns are presented in honor of the character’s co-creator, artist Mike Wieringo, who passed away on August 12th. More info here and here.

Kid Flash by Joel Priddy

Dean: I love the ridiculous level of fun Joel’s Bart seems to be having! The yellow sections kinda make the red center look like an old fashioned bathing suit, but the boots are super slick.

Vito: I like the whole thing, but my eyes keep going to that subtle lightning design on the top of the boots. I like how, looking at this, it doesn’t look like anything BUT a Kid Flash costume…the colors are right, the cowl is right…it seems like such a quick fix.

Joel: I’m glad the top of the boots read, Vito! My main interest here was in capturing a sense of youthful enthusiasm. Other than the boots, I didn’t really add anything to the visual lexicon of the Flash family here. I just mix ‘n matched elements from existing costumes (can you find Jesse Quick’s contribution?).

Jessica: Ooh, ooh! Is it the shorts? (Well, the short-like patterning.) I love this. Bart’s always been very much about whimsy, and you really captured that here. I’ll go one further than Vito and say that this doesn’t look like anything but a BART Kid Flash costume. Very nice.

Joel: Bingo! I basically moved the lines from one of Jesse’s french-cut outfits south until they became decent.

Impulse by Slipstream

Dean: Ooooh, that’s a nice mask! Very clever idea, with the fading level of translucency. Love it. Gorgeous simple white stripe, and very cool footgear. I’d lose the tiny yellow strip unless it matches up with some kinda symbol on the chest. Great design.

Joel: One of the reoccurring Bartisms is the fingerless gloves. I’m not sure how much sense they make for a masked superhero, but they’re distinctive, and a lot of the designs we’ve been looking at incorporate them. Slipstream has created some interesting half-fingerless gloves, like an archer’s. I’m not sold on the practicality, but they look great. Groovy shoes. And I hope that Hurtle the Lightspeed Turtle is a permanent addition, Impulse’s own Streaky.

Jessica: I like to think the gloves were inspired by Arrowette, who seems to have gone the way of most of Young Justice. I’m also loving the footgear, and the turtle is inspired.

Dean: Maybe Bart should have a pet turtle.

Impulse by Leanne Hannah

Dean: Ooh, black! I love the clean lightning bolt elements. Very slick!

Joel: Nice color scheme, and nice decorative details. I really dig the black bolts overlapping the red gloves and boots! I’d like to see the color yellow appear somewhere on the costume other than the goggles, to create sense of balance. Even if it’s just the soles of the shoes, or some other really minor element.

Jessica: Here’s another set of boots I covet! I think Bart’s a character who really lends himself to a lot of bells and whistles (admittedly hard to balance with the sleekness a speedster needs), so I’d like to see the intricacies of the boots and gloves extend to the rest of the costume.

2 comments to “Faster Fashion, Bart Allen, Part Four”
  1. Something a little bit Brendan McCarthy-ish about Slipstream’s mask design. Probably the Paradax-y full-face mask and lightning bolt ears, now I think about it. This is a good thing. Plus, I’m pretty sure McCarthy had the original Kid Flash designs in his head when he came up with Paradax in the first place.

    And yes, the turtle rocks, and is the sort of entirely silver age-y whimsical touch current DC wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. Unless it was to eviscerate him, to give Impulse an “edgy” revenge plotline.

    “Argh, Black Adam! You eviscerated my turtle!”

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