The Beefeater by Ryan Estrada

Character: The Beefeater
Publisher: DC Comics
Artist: Ryan Estrada
Reviewer: Dean Trippe

The Beefeater, one of Keith Giffen’s many unforgettable contributions to the DC universe, is hardly in need of an introduction, but for the sake of any non-comics fans that peruse this site, I’ll offer this brief one. Michael Morice AKA The Beefeater is one of the most respected British superheroes of modern times. He makes Union Jack look like a sissy, and he once force-fed Captain Britain his own tights. His first (and sole) appearance in Justice League Europe #20 revolutionized superhero comics as we know them, and inspired all who read it to lead healthier, happier, and more upright lives.

Ryan’s redesign simplifies Beefeater’s color scheme and emblems, notably making the crown icon bolder and more utilized throughout the uniform. Removing the gold from the body of the suit is sensible, because any man called Beefeater could hardly be accused of being ‘yellow.’ The collared cloak adds a touch of class, and replaces the frilly collar nicely. My only criticism is the removal of the flowery emblems from the shoes, which I quite liked.

Like many designs we’ve run here at P:R, I heartily endorse this design as a revision worthy of immediate implementation as well as its own new monthly title. Great job, Ryan! Thanks for reminding us how a truly distinguished hero should dress.

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  1. Only thing is, the Beefeater was always an analogue of John Cleese’s Basil Fawlty (, so should be a bit more tlal and lanky.

    Also, it’s a great pic, but the Beefeater’s costume was a close derivative of the ceremonial gear of the Yeoman Warders whose nickname he bears, and I’m not sure you can actually make that big an alteration to it in good faith. Still, I won’t tell Her Royal Majesty (or Sybil) if you don’t! :)

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