Fights, Flights, & Tights 2 Update!

We’ve heard from quite a few folks that it’d be helpful if we extended the deadline for this year’s costume contest. So to make sure we feature all the great entries we can, we’re extending the deadline for FF&T2 to November 2nd, with winners to run the following week. This way, everyone will be able to catch all their Halloween party pics and get them over to us in time. Thanks to all the folks who’ve already sent their entries in, and good luck to everyone who still hasn’t!

Extended Deadline for Fights, Flights, & Tights 2: Novermber 2nd, 2007!

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  1. And here I was JUST about to send my photos off with grovelling apologies for being late… well, this is good, because I need better action shots. Thanks, guys, you totally rock! :)

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