Cyborg by Joel Carroll

Character: Cyborg
Publisher: DC Comics
Artist: Joel Carroll
Reviewers: P:R Staff

Dean: Taking cues from Glen Murakami‘s design for the character’s animated incarnation, Mr. Carroll’s design solves a lot of the problems that have plagued Victor Stone. Covering the usually exposed areas of Cyborg’s legs and arms is a good start. Just because the dude’s got flesh and blood parts doesn’t mean he’d want them exposed to small arms and energy blasts every other day. (A larger version of Joel’s Cyborg is available here.)

Vito: This is a mature design. It’s the equivalent of, say, Robin to Nightwing or Speedy to Red Arrow…THIS is what Vic should “graduate” to. I like the cartoon elements, but the kicker for me is the upper torso into the head. Really really solid.

Jess: Total agreement here on covering up the skin – this is a definite improvement from the metal panties. I’m not sure about the rings around the thighs – they look kind of like they’d clank together when he walks – but otherwise it’s a very powerful, serious design that tells you that this guy’s got some serious oomph behind his punches. It’s less futuristic and more dystopian than the sleeker look he’s got in the cartoon, which is fitting for this older, more serious incarnation.

Chris: Joel was very smart to bring a lot the Glen Murakami touches of Cyborg from the Teen Titans cartoon — that blue translucent/glowing effect on the pieces really makes it work. The black bodysuit under the metal works really well; so much that I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before with him. I get a slight Cully Hamner vibe fro the style used, which is nothing to be ashamed of. The headpiece I’m not sold on however — I haven’t seen any male be able to make a tiara work.

Joel: I’m digging the Murakami-glass and the black-ribbed body suit very much, but I’d like to see this design stream-lined a bit. Its silhouette looks a little cluttered. I think the previously-mentioned head band and the thigh-rings would be good places to start eliminating extraneous elements. I love the design of the pectoral/clavical/neck assembly, and those kneecaps are really cool. One might want to reconsider the size differential between human head and raised glass skull-piece, which would make it very difficult to find hats that fit (and Vic is definitely a hat-wearer).

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  1. The black bodysuit looks like black tubing a lot of techs use for wiring/cabling. I’m sure it’s not meant to be the same material, but it’s a nice touch for the overall feel of a technological character.

    When are we going to get some team shots of the characters? I mean, if we’ve had enough characters done of any given team (Teen Titans, for instance), why not get a shot of the whole team of redesigns?

  2. I’d like to see more of a difference between the two arms; like, less of a metal gauntlet on the flesh & blood one, or absent of the blue-glowy stuff (which I agree is awesome).

  3. Its rendered well, but the design doesn’t do it for me, strangely, all the same issues I have with it were also stated (i.e. the belt, the head piece not lining up with his real head). The comment about the black tubing reminded me of something different, and now that it is in my head, the design is a little ruined for me – the black areas are Robocop’s. Now all I see is Robocop. The part I loved most about his original design and the design on the show was his motif of “white”. They even homaged that on the “JL” episode of Smallville. If you could bring the white color back into his costume it would do it for me. Its kind of like a stantion of his design – removing it is kind of like taking the red out of Robin’s costume.

  4. I thought of The Borg. I think all of the elements work pretty well… but I would loose the bands coming up the ribs and the headband to clean up the busyness.

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