Black Widow & Nick Fury by Daniel Krall

Characters: Black Widow & Nick Fury
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Artist: Daniel Krall
Reviewers: P:R Staff
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Dean: This drawing is a big blast of awesome as far as I’m concerned. These dressed down versions Nick Fury and Black Widow would play perfectly in a comic, cartoon, or film. The red hourglass corset in inspired, and the spider-like mechanical sleeve holsters add a great Cold War element of spytime fun. Great job pairing up the U.S. and Soviet iconography, also. The familiar odd couple pairing works perfectly. I love Nick’s leather jacket and Natasha’s grey turtleneck.

Vito: I think that there is no better compliment to be paid…no review that can be written better…than to say that just looking at this, as a writer, I can write a year’s worth of stories. Black Widow alone is such a strong piece, that it can be a What If? story or an Ultimate story or just plain ol’ Marvel U. Nick Fury here reminds me of Darwyn Cooke‘s King Faraday…Cold War remnant in a modern world. Fantastic!

Rachel: Absolutely. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and attention have gone into designing these costumes, and behind that lies a wealth of contexts and stories. As Dean mentioned, too, the iconography’s there, but it’s subtle enough not to get in the way of the style. Instead, it’s worked seamlessly into the costume elements.

Chris: Daniel’s really done his homework here. Not just a visual update, but this has heavy context that fits with the character’s history and his wardrobe of the past. And I’d fight Vito to write this.

Vito: It’s really the streamlining of the characters to the essential elements that does it for me here. Cold War spy. World War 2 vet. If Marvel did something like The New Frontier, Daniel should very well be considered for the art.

Joel: I really like that this Nick Fury is showing his years. I think it’s very boring when an artist makes everyone in the comic look like a twenty-something hottie. And if there’s any hero that works as a faded warhorse who just doesn’t truck with .mp3s and arugula, it’s Nick Fury. And this is not the acrobatic Widow who flips off of flagpoles with Daredevil. This is a Cold War Mademoiselle Marie, ready to slog through the mud and storm the compound of her choice. I agree with Dean that the corset is a fun way to bring in the widow’s mark, but it might not translate into a less graphic style. I love her hair, her palette of grays, and that jaunty hat.

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  1. Yeah, nobody does it better than Daniel! That crimson corset is tops, and the texture alone on Fury’s jacket is enough to write a novella home about.

  2. Thanks guys! Had a lot of fun drawing these two (as usual with fun adventure draw’ins). I’ve always loved the idea of Nick being a super secret covert operations/spy-guy from WWII, but I’ve never liked the bright blue jumpsuit with a million white straps thing he usually sports. I’m a big fan of super heroic regular people who age, and don’t always need rippling muscles and square jaws to get the job done. This Nick is still into dishing out a whoopin’. He just has better things to do than wax his chest and do his crunches. I still think He’d have a flying car and a jet-pack, though. Those are near necessities. I imagine Black Widow sneaking around in the shadows smoking and cursing silently under her breath. Waiting until the proper moment to strike, and then BLAM, the jacket opens and everyone’s like “Oh man, that’s the Black Widow”. Bodies start hitting the deck immediately.

  3. Hmm, Nick needs a better tailor to tell him his pants are too short in the leg and too snug in the crotch. Plus, that kooky pose makes me think they’re about to start doing the frug.

  4. East meets West in which I believe would be equally at home among 50’s radio serials as well as comics. Everything about each respective character’s wardrobe is perfectly matched to their culture’s sensibilities and methods.
    Fury’s battered attire,and what I presume is his only weapon, easily reflects the Gung Ho, Ol’ College Try attitude presented by the propaganda at the time.
    Joining the choir Romanova’s corset is stunning and could possibly serve a purpose, say to keep the enemy distracted?,while the sleeve holsters, twin daggers and sniper rifle scream espionage.
    Great work Daniel. What I would give to see a Bond Inspired gun totting, romance thriller with these two.

  5. I really like Fury and most of Natasha’s outfit. I don’t really like the corset though, I get that it’s supposed to evoke the red-hourglass/black widow thing, but the way it sits atop her turtleneck doesn’t really do it for me.

    It’s lovely work overall though.

  6. First of all, I love 99.99% of this redesign. The last issue, well … I love the way the corset looks, but, uh, corsets aren’t activewear. I do think that the whole “corset–>hourglass–>black widow’s mark” conceit is clever, but since it seems like a huge part of this redesign is functionality and idealized practicality over spandex, it does jar.

    That said, I would buy this comic in a red-hot second, and I don’t even know what “red-hot second” means.

  7. I think the drawing is sweet, but far too much of this “redesign” is dependent on that drawing. Try and imagine, say, John Buscema using these designs in his world. Fury looks like he just got through waxing his car. And the Black Widow looks like she’s taking time off from her Etsy crochet business to moonlight as a very unconvincing badass. It just doesn’t convince me. Neither of them look true to what we know of their personalities, or what they typically have to do when they’re fighting spies and other Hydra-type menaces. No way either of them could parachute into a secret base in those getups. Unless you’re planning to rewrite their adventures to battling soccer moms, indie bands and tv repairmen.

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