Connor Hawke by Jemma Salume

Character: Connor Hawke / Green Arrow
Publisher: DC Comics
Artist: Jemma Salume
Reviewers: P:R Staff
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Dean: Connor Hawke, son and fellow vigilante archer of Oliver Queen, the original Green Arrow, is looking quite spiffy in Jemma Salume’s redesign. This costume takes cues from Connor’s original G.A. costume, incorporating monkish elements, but going a step further with a nice half cloak and prayer beads. The arrow emblems are styling and the thigh-quiver is cool enough to beat possible impracticality concerns for me. Jemma’s also done a nice job of conveying Connor’s diverse heritage, which is good to see, especially since she’s foregone the usual domino mask. Connor Hawke is his real identity anyway, in my opinion, so there’s no need for masks and codenames. My only suggestion would be giving him long pants or tights rather than the shorts.

Rachel: If we learned anything from the Robin special, it’s that you can’t separate Jemma and the short pants! Back then, I commented on how much I like the way Jemma uses color cues to convey continuity, and I’ll say it here again, as she combines Green Arrow’s classic, well, green with saffron-dyed orange that immediately brings Conner’s monastic background to the forefront. In terms of both his physical heritage and life thus far, Conner is all about the blending of eclectic and diverse traditions, and Jemma has conveyed that beautifully here.

Chris: This is perhaps one of the best ideas for Connor Hawke that I’ve seen. Being a second-generation superhero has a lot of things weighing on a person, and this costume is a tip of the hat to his father while still not be chained to Green Arrow’s hip. The hip arrow quiver could pose some problems, but it’s an interesting visual accoutrement that could work.

Jess: As far as the costume itself goes, I think it’s wonderfully charming and eccentric. I am not that into the shorts here, and I wonder about the practicality of even a half-cape for an archer, but I love the boots, the color palette, and the arrow trailing up his right side. That said, I’m a little hard-put to imagine the character donning this on a whim. Perhaps Mia forced him into it? In which case, you go, girl! In other words, I love the costume and think it suits him, but I need a writer to provide a little narrative explanation of where it came from along with Jemma’s fantastic design.

Vito: I think this is a great combination of Buddhist monk meets Robin Hood. I can’t speak too adeptly on the colors, but I have to point out all the arrows on his costume. I especially like the green one going up his side. I think Jemma is really conscious of these elements when she gets a piece ready for submission…I think she goes out of her way to take all that you know about a character and really bring it to life in the outfit, and that’s what a costume designer on movie sets does.

One comment to “Connor Hawke by Jemma Salume”
  1. *Nice* boots.

    (I don’t suppose anyone here would feel like drawing the future AU where Mia and Connor become Green Arrow and Black Canary? Respectively? Connor could get a fixed version of Dinah’s 1980s outfit, the one that had pants… )

    I think I like the kneeshorts- they look like something a twentysomething guy would be willing to wear around, and it probably gets hot running about in all that gear, anyway.

    I can’t work out what’s going on with the dark almost-horizontal arrow on his shirt- is it part of the cape/shawl deal?

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