Important Superman: Man of Style Update

We’re just five days out from the deadline for Superman: Man of Style entries, but I’ve heard from a small number of folks that their submissions are getting bounced back from our usual address. I think I’ve corrected the problem, but to make sure everyone who wants to enter has a fair shot, I’ve sent out confirmation emails for every entry we’ve received. If you’ve gotten that confirmation, then you don’t need to do anything.

But if you haven’t heard back from us, then we don’t have your entry. Please send it to our new email address,

Remember to include all the information required in the contest rules. Thanks! – Dean

17 comments to “Important Superman: Man of Style Update”
  1. I try to send my submmissión both address but it was rejected ever by the recipient domain.

    I send it again since my yahoo e-mail. But I didn´t receive confirmation.

    Apologizes my terrible English,


  2. Yeah, I sent my submission on the 13th and I have yet to receive a confirmation as well. It doesn’t seem as though anyone is responding to these comments, either….what gives, guys??

  3. I just logged on today 6/21 and saw the notice about emails being rejected. I submitted well before the deadline. I resubmitted today, hopefully its not too late. : ( Great contest idea btw. Redesigning Superman is akin to rewriting the Bible.

  4. When will the results of this contests appear on the site? I’m eager to see what people have come up with!!

  5. Gee, my entry was turned in on the day of the deadline, I sent it to both posted addresses. I have not gotten a confirmation email yet. What is up with that?

  6. Oh my god, are you serious?! I sent it to the gmail address and I cc’d it to the pr address on the 15th. I also bcc’d it to me, so I know it went out. I just re-sent the complete email.
    Hopfully you’ll still be able to consider it.

  7. No, I’m afraid we still haven’t received an entry from anyone called “Killerbee.” I have no idea why your entry has been lost, but since we’ve offered two emails, allowed plenty of leeway with the deadline this time around, and sent out confirmations to every single entry, I think we’ve done the best that we can do in including everyone. I don’t know what to tell you, Killerbee. Better luck next time.

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