Contest Announcement: Vampirella ReVamp!

Get ready to Vamp it up as Project: Rooftop joins forces with Harris Comics for our newest drawing contest focusing on Vampirella entitled Vampirella ReVamp. That’s right, in a P:R first we’re partnering with the publishing company of the character for an unprecedented contest. Open to professionals, amateurs, vampires and aliens, we’re putting out the call for redesigns of the vivacious Vampirella.

In addition to our usual P:R staff roundtable review, we will have three special guest judges for the finalists, Trina Robbins, Joe Jusko, and Dan Brereton. Writer and Herstorian, Trina Robbins created the original costume design of Vampirella. Artist Joe Jusko has done some of the most memorable art in Vampirella’s history, notably his distinctive covers and work in the fully painted book, Blood Lust. And Dan Brereton, the cartoonist & creator of The Nocturnals, and is working on a 2008 Vampirella Quarterly Halloween Special.

Harris Comics has provided these incredible prizes:

Grand Prize (1) – The winning entry will appear as a pinup in a future issue of Vampirella, and receive two comics signed respectively by Joe Jusko and Dan Brereton.

Second Prize (1) – A Vampirella wall poster illustrated by Jose Gonzalez, and receive two comics signed respectively by Joe Jusko and Dan Brereton.

Third Prize (1) – A Vampirella T-shirt illustrated by Stephen Segovia, and receive two comics signed respectively by Joe Jusko and Dan Brereton.

In addition to these prizes, the finalists selected by the judges will also be up on a fan poll at for the “Fan Selection” prize of a limited edition Vampirella print.

Send in your Vampirella redesigns to, with the subject line: “ReVamp” Please include your full name, age, website and mailing address for prize shipment. International winners may be responsible for prize shipment. All the usual P:R Guidelines apply.

All entries must be received by Monday, September 8th, 2008!

Vampirella (R) and her likeness are registered trademarks of Harris Publications, Inc.

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  1. I’ll echo Michael.
    You guys are following a contest to redesign the first superhero costume, with a contest to redesign a character that essentially IS her costume.
    That being said I already have a pretty good concept that I’m refining. :)

  2. I’m rather intrigued….so I’m a n00b here, is there anything I have to do before entering? Or do I just submit?

  3. well dudes and dudettes, I’ve submitted mine…ironically i didnt have time to do it until morning it was due. Huzzahs! Oh and Dean I’ll be sending along that superman redesign tweak within the week dude.

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