Fights, Flights, & Tights 3 Winners!

Editor’s Note: We received dozens of entries for Fights, Flights, & Tights 3 contest! The following entries rocked our socks the hardest. Thanks to everyone who entered! – Dean Trippe


Robin & Batman by Isabella & Rico Renzi


The Joker & Harley Quinn by John Hefner and Rachel Oleinick

The Guild of Justice-Minded Citizenry (and Guild of Injustice-Causing Malcontents) by Jared Axelrod & Associates

Robin by Dylan Palmer

Note: More entries after the jump! – D.T.

Harley Quinn by Mai K.

The Riddler by Miles Gatrell

Blue Beetle by Liz A.

Supergirl by Marion Vitus

15 comments to “Fights, Flights, & Tights 3 Winners!”
  1. Hey… Batdad!
    Imagine the crazy story twists that would lead to that situation!

    But anyway, just chiming in because I noticed the double “time saved” appendage that’s appearing in your RSS feed. I just figured out the cause of this for a friend yesterday—all you need to do is upgrade your Spam Karma install.

  2. Batman&Robin are ready to go fishing for criminals! They are ready for a downpour of crime!
    Criminals! get ready for a storm of justice.

    Speaking of dark vengeance. I’m suprised no one went for the fairly easy costumes of misfit and black alice.

    Good job everyone!

  3. Wow, awesome entries this year – I can’t even pick a favorite! Batdad and Robin – no, Blue Beetle – no, Joker and the other Harley … damnit. I’m honored to be part of such a pack. :D

  4. Love the Supergirl remake! Looks much more practical than her skirted version! And the Blue Beetle chick rocks too — Rainbow!Harley makes me grin so much. I’d be happy to see her heading towards me, right until I realized she probably has the Joker with her. XD Fantastic batch of costumes this year, definitely!

  5. You know, the batmask on Bat-Dad looks better than anything we’ve seen in any of the movies.

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