Batman 2.0 Contest Update!

We’re narrowing down the finalists this week in what has become one of our most popular contests ever. To make the waiting a bit easier, here’s a glimpse of what the creator of the winning entry will receive. Artist and guest judge J.H. Williams 3 has signed a the copy of Batman: The Black Glove included in the Grand Prize package! Oh, and J.H. also drew this on the first page:

Stay tuned, Rooftop Rangers!

11 comments to “Batman 2.0 Contest Update!”
  1. See, the TRUE challenge is the wait. Those who survive the wait will have to battle it out in Thunderdome for utter supremacy. The winner is the last artist left standing!!!

    Either way, I’m excited!!!

  2. I don’t know what’s bugging me more, waiting to see who wins this, what the next challenge will be.

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