Wolverine: Look Sharp Contest Update

Hi there, P:R fans! Thanks for all your recent comments about how awesome we are…and how much you’d like us to hurry up and post the Wolverine: Look Sharp winners. We appreciate your support and impatience. Well, the first one anyway. Running massive public contests like these takes a good bit of time and hard work, as I’m sure you can imagine.

This week, however, we completed the final judging on the Look Sharp entries, including reviews and ratings from our usual P:R Staff, as well as from Wolverine: Weapon X creators, Jason Aaron and Ron Garney (both of whom, by the way, included a few extra prizes for our winners)!

We will have the final results posted here next week, but thought you might enjoy these two ineligible entries from P:R regular Maris Wicks, who just missed the deadline, and our own Jon Morris, who just can’t win anything since joining the crew here. See you next week! – Dean Trippe

Maris Wicks

Jon Morris

16 comments to “Wolverine: Look Sharp Contest Update”
  1. Love these–
    Maris Wicks’ Ranger Logan would give Smoky a run for his money (Listen to the man, kids), and Jon Morris’ hulking Hair Metal Wolverine (is that a hood?!) looks like he should be wailing away in front of Stonehenge.
    Thanks a ton for the update on the status.

  2. Oh, do make that Ranger Logan pic bigger. It’s so cute! :)

    Actually I would love to see a Marvel Adventures Wolvie book drawn by her…

  3. Project Rooftop, Please take the impatience of your fans as the hallmark of a great site and an amazing contest series. You are a victim of your own success.

  4. I can understand the impatient people but I don’t think it would be as bad if there was more content popping up. Like that short period where you tried doing a few more casual blog posts. That was cool. Though I’m sure the time needed to make those would simply extrapolate the time of the contests and cause other complaints. lol. Anyways, keep up the good works.

  5. Maybe an Amalgam redesign contest? Not of new original amalgams because that’s too limitless, but the already established ones. Spider-boy and darkclaw could use an update.

  6. Just keep people more in the loop and update the blog with a quick comment on he status. With nothing happening, it seemed like the site may have been abandoned.

    Anyway, nice tease to see what we could be seeing. I personally cant wait, and hope i dont have to wait much longer.

  7. I hope you guys do a Captain Marvel-Shazam redesign soon. That would be pretty cool.

    Keep up the good work.Can’t wait

  8. Has Ming posted her’s somewhere? I showed her my Wolvie, and she wished me good luck. I’m gonna need it since I didn’t even make the HM list last time, even though my initials are HM. I am getting better with the digital art every day, but it is a steep learning curve for traditional cartoonists with no digital training. I give kudos to everyone gutsy enough to go head to head with these mega-illustrator types.

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