Whitechapel’s R/R Superman Round-Up

Last week, we linked over to Whitechapel’s REMAKE/REMODEL challenge to reimagine Superman #1. Above is just a sampling of the incredible art the thread generated. I even jumped in and submitted my own entry. Be sure to check out the entire 19 page thread.

The above image features artwork from Jsm, Bryant Johnson, Tom Muller, David Bednarski, Fernando Lucas, Paul Milligan, myself, Felipe Sobreiro, and Thomas Perkins.

This kind of convergence of talent and passion is contagious, so go rub it on your eyeballs. Congrats and good show to everyone who submitted and, of course, to Whitechapel’s ringmaster, Warren Ellis.


4 comments to “Whitechapel’s R/R Superman Round-Up”
  1. I have to tell you, Dean, I am a big fan of your take on Superman! I would love to read the adventures of that incarnation.

    Thank you also for mentioning my image, you are very kind indeed.

  2. Thanks, dude! Likewise. Superbot won my heart big time. I recognized your work from your cool Robinesque Batman 2.0 entry.

    Hey email me (deantrippe at gmail), I’ve got something for P:R in the works you might like. :)

  3. I love the new look, more content P:R! It’s great to include similar redesign endeavours from around the net between events.

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