Banshee by Declan Shalvey

Note: Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the P:R crew and artist Declan Shalvey! – Dean Trippe

Declan had this to say about his redesign:

I basically took the costume he had (that cape is actually pretty cool and i liked the yellow ‘point’ on his torso) and tried to make it a bit more contemporary (ie; less-70s) along with adding some elements from Celtic armor. No chain mail or patterns or anything fussy like that, but more layered patches like the leather support those old costumes had. Also; i gave him a cropped haircut and shaved the sideburns. If Marvel ever bring him back, i’d like to see him act more like that Irish nut-bag from Braveheart that the ‘didilly-aye’ version from before.

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  1. @awesome all day: Yeah, that’s the first thing I though when I saw this myself. The yellow upper torso, over the black lower. The big yellow and black wings. The orange hair and unfortunate shadow on the chin that looks like a goatee. Plus that maniac expression on his face.. it just all adds up.

    I sorta wish this was a Monarch as a Marvel character redesign. Someone should do some of the Venture crew with that theme in mind, clearly the above shows it’d work.

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