Wonder Girl by Jon McNally

Note: I guess I was CC’d on this message from Jonathan McNally (of last week’s incredible Martian Manhunter post) to Wonder Girl, so I’m posting it. Enjoy. – Dean Trippe

Jon wrote:

Oh, Cassie.  Let’s talk about costumes.

You conjure a pair of jeans, don an armored blouse or collegiate sweater, and occasionally drop the bracers.  There’s a colloquial charm in your street-ready threads but are they appropriate dress for superheroics?

Consider your predecessor’s clothes: Donna’s costume in NEW TEEN TITANS was a wonder of economic, elegant design, truly a heroine’s costume. Her current starry suit ain’t half bad, either.

We’ll spare you an all-red get-up; you tried that and, I must agree, it didn’t always work. Also, we must control the blue, lest we mistake you for Kara, and temper the star motif, lest you remind us of Courtney.  How about a new ‘do, too?

Just try it on your next couple of adventures, Cassie.  Should it fail to wow friends and foes alike, we’ll try something else.

Fondly, Jonathan McNally

4 comments to “Wonder Girl by Jon McNally”
  1. I’d just like to reiterate my previous assertion that Jon McNally should be given a monthly DC anthology title wherein he is free to do whatever he wants with any and all of the DC Universe. I will pay practically any amount for this to become a reality. .. within my meager budget.

  2. I like that design much better than the current one in Titans book. There’s something about the armor wrapping around her upper arms that doesn’t make sense. How would she move her arms at the shoulder? Moving the golden logo design like you have up there makes for a better design. Some stars and lost the jeans – gives it a more heroic feel than “street kid” who dresses kind of funky.

  3. It’s a nice design, but I tend to prefer Cassie’s more “casual” street clothes inspired costumes. Of course, I also kind of miss the nerdy tomboy version of Cassie from her earlier days (at least in YJ). Never warmed up to the Teen Titans take on her.

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