Career Day: Alex Mitchell’s The Adventurists

Career Day is a regular column here at P:R  for more radical (think Elseworlds, What If…?) redesigns based on genres and professions. With Marvel’s Heroic Age and adjective-free Avengers relaunch kicking off soon, this week we’ve decided to look at Alex Mitchell‘s occult, turn-of-the-century take on the Avengers, the Adventurists! If you’d like to submit a Career Day redesign, just check our Guidelines for submissions info. – Dean

Alex had this to say about his team redesign:

The Gentlemen Adventurists’ Society was a joint effort between the United States and her allies to quell the emerging para-natural menace (and the sometimes equally destructive para-natural panic). Led by the popular American Spirit, this pack of para-naturally powered personages are potent paragons of para-natural power practiced in protection of the People!

8 comments to “Career Day: Alex Mitchell’s The Adventurists”
  1. Excellent work Alex. I love this universe and especially how you reinterpreted the Hulk. I have to ask though, Mr Thursday? A reference to Niel Gaiman’s American Gods?

  2. I really like the idea that Iron Man is a guy with a magic suit of armor…& a machine gun. THAT is just solid gold.

    & Adam, Thursday is literally “Thor’s Day.” So I think more there is just a shared mythos they both are drawing from.

  3. Adam, you and Mordecai are both right. I’m a big fan of American Gods, and I loved the idea of Mr. Wednesday, but I think the influence started out subliminal and became more overt when I remembered Gaiman’s book. It’s a great pseudonym!

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