Fan-Art Saturday: Batman Beyond

Fan-Art Saturday is what happens when I forget what day it is. Fan-Art Friday is a weekly feature at P:R, where artists pay tribute to fantastic official superhero redesigns with illustrations of their own. – D.T.

Suitably enough for our accidental Saturday post, this week we’re looking at Batman Beyond, as depicted by an all-star collection of P:R Pals (TM). I remember the first time I saw Batman Beyond in a comics magazine, months before the series debut. It seemed like such a radical departure from the gray and black urban camouflage Dark Knight I knew, with the now fully masked face, bright red wings, and the skinnier build of  young new alter-ego, Terry McGinnis.

As a hardcore fan of Batman: The Animated Series (especially the redesigns from the “Gotham Knights” era), I wasn’t sure I could enjoy a “Future Batman” series, even though the combination of those two words has near-unbeatable awesomeness. (Note: “Robot Batman” beats it with one pointy-gauntleted metal arm its behind back.) The costume itself is brilliant in its minimalism, new abilities (flight, cloaking, etc.), clickwheel-like belt buckle control system, and the Dracula-esque red and black color scheme. In fact, my attempt at a Dick Grayson Batman redesign, (for Batman 2.0, here) was intended as a half-step towards the power and simplicity of this design.

Anyway, enough from me. Scroll on, comics fans!

Batman Beyond by Evan Shaner

Batman Beyond by Evan Bryce

Batman Beyond by Dustin Nguyen, who btw, is doing covers on the new Batman Beyond series!

Batman Beyond and Terry McGinnis by Cory Walker

Batman Beyond, Terry, Ace, & Bruce by Jemma Salume

Batman Beyond by Dan Hipp

And Nate Bellegarde obviously sent this Return of the Joker sketch in just to mock me for getting the day wrong. See you next time!

6 comments to “Fan-Art Saturday: Batman Beyond”
  1. So I subscribed to your blog yesterday, and the first real post of yours that comes up in my Reader is Batman Beyond! Justification for a wise decision on my part. thank you. He was such an under-rated character. Everyone cringed when they heard the concept, but they made it work so well. He was more than just a modern Robin, or a modern Nightwing. He was his own hero, and he did not take away from Batman at all.

    And the fan art you shared is all well done! Thank you!

  2. I’d seen Hipp’s, Shaner’s and Nguyen’s already, but the rest of these are new to me and they’re all great.

    I feel pretty much the same way about the concept of a future Batman, and the minimalism of the costume is great. It reminds me of Spider-Man’s black costume, aka, The Greatest Superhero Costume of All Time.

  3. Man oh Man the awesome levels in here today are staggering! The Talent is just sensational! I don’t know if I’d be right by saying I’m the show’s biggest fan but you all did the mythos of it justice!

  4. Love the Dan Hipp one, gives it a Jack Kirby feel. Never cared for BB, but a Kirby angle in his 4th World would work for me.

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