Impulse Double-Shot

Note: When beloved comics creator Mike Wieringo passed away in 2007, we here at P:R held an event in his honor, asking folks to submit redesigns of Bart Allen, a great teen speedster ‘Ringo had co-created with Mark Waid, as any of his superhero identities: Impulse, Kid Flash, or The Flash. We ran every entry we received, out of immense respect for the outpouring of time and talent dedicated to Mike’s memory. (Check the Recent Events page for links to all the art from Wieringo Week.) I recently came across a couple of entries that didn’t get to us in time to make the posts, and I wanted to share them with you now.  – Dean Trippe

Impulse by Jsm

The Flash by Ming Doyle

3 comments to “Impulse Double-Shot”
  1. It’s great to see my design here on Project: Rooftop, specially this design. I really miss Mike Wieringo, the way he imagined comics full of hope, kindness… Recently (like a year ago) I’ve done yet another redesign of Impulse. You could see it here:

    It also funny to see how I’ve change my style since then, jeje…

    Oh, and I really dig Doyle’s design, also because, for me, it seems the evolution of my impulse when he becomes the flash. It’s really cool to see how much similar this two design could look.

  2. That is phenomenal design, on both accounts. Very practical, sleek and still quite fun.

    Doyle’s design really catches my eye. It still has the personality of the character, but reflects the transition that he’s gone through in becoming an adult. I would love to see that worked into continuity.

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