Jericho & Rose by Jemma Salume

Note: Hey everybody! Enjoy this pair of deadly redesigns from Jemma Salume! – Dean

Jemma had this to say about her redesign:

Jericho, just because. His old design is as useless as you can get, so I gave him a more Regency fencing outfit in all black. Insane makeup sorta forces you to look at his face and eyes (so he can make eye contact with you and use his spooky powers). No gloves, because he’s mute and needs his hands clearly visible for his sign language. Open collar and ribbon choker put his cut throat on display, which, I mean… I can see the whole “show all your scars to everyone, look at how messed up you are” thing being a Wilson family tradition.

Speaking of which…

Drew Rose when I realized I could map Jericho’s costume onto the whole crazy family for a unified aesthetic. She’s got an orange cravat covering her neck (no life-changing scars to show off there), but the makeup over her eyes is just as insane and calls attention to her horrifying self-inflicted eye injury. Woo!

Both get sabres. For Rose it works because it’s an upsetting cutting weapon (her favorite). It works for Jericho because fencing is sort of an art, and Wiki sez he’s “the shy arty one” (good lord), so I can see fencing as the only armed combat he’d ever take to under Slade’s crazy tutelage. (Still would suck compared to his sis though. Oh well. Mind-control powers!)



15 comments to “Jericho & Rose by Jemma Salume”
  1. totally awesome, both of them
    everything makes perfect sense, colors, details, accessories, and bring something unique to the characters, a bit of “romantique flair” and something tragic and beautiful at the same time
    i love these designs !

  2. Oh, I do like these. The weak part of BOTH these characters are the ’80s-vintage overly-detailed costumes and color schemes that only work when George Perez is drawing them.

    Perez has a gift for costumes that look great under his pen, but ridiculous and eye-searing when anyone else tries their hand.

    Bringing them together in matching outfits reinforces their familial connection, AND helps move them away from their father — which is SUPPOSEDLY a major character motivation for each of them.

  3. Man, these are terrific, probably the best designs for anyone that I’ve seen on this site. I love the eye make up, and I love that the blue and orange mimic the Deathstroke color scheme.

  4. I am utterly stunned. Stuff like this? That’s what makes this site so awesome. The costumes are beautiful and emphasize the characters’ personalities and iconic traits, both physical and psychological.

    The only not I have: I would maybe go with a navy blue instead of green, to connect with Deathstroke’s distinctive semiology.

  5. Jemma Salume, I don’t know who you are, but PLEASE DRAW COMICS AND GIVE THEM TO THE WORLD. If’n you’ve already done so and I’m late to the party, somebody fill me in. These are simply fantastic!

  6. I wanna read the story where Rose Wilson transfers to a school in Japan and duels a pink haired girl for a creepy Indian chick. Fun points if anyone gets why this line is hilarious

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