RetroFix/All-Ages All-Stars: Lil’ Terror

Note: The Black Terror is one of the coolest “forgotten” characters from the Silver Age, recently featured prominently in both the America’s Best Comics line from Alan Moore and in Alex Ross’s Project Superpowers line. Artist Dave Windett sent this pic in to P:R, following the introduction of the new RetroFix and All-Ages All-Stars columns, suggesting they might fit in either column. Forget that, it’s our first ever Column Crossover! As for the redesign, I’m seriously missing the familiar red and blue double-sided cape and yellow belt, the absence of which leave Lil’ Terror looking a bit too “Lil’ Punisher,” but I can’t knock the fun level. Enjoy! – Dean Trippe

Dave Windett

Note: And look! Dave sent in an actual comic (a Project: Rooftop first)! Check it out after the jump!- D.T.

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