4 comments to “Tim Gunn on Superhero Costumes Part 2”
  1. I really enjoy these. It’s fun to see his takes on the classic costumes, and it’s cool that he likes costumes that stay true to the characters. Also I really like that they brought up the Ultimate Superman design which I’ve always loved.
    I have to say I personally love the OYL and Damian Robin costumes, but it’s cool to see that he liked Tim Drakes first design.
    Real cool stuff. He remains very respectful to comics no matter how out there they can be.

  2. Yeah, these videos have been wonderful. I can’t stand the Ultimate Superman design, personally, but I also LOVE OYL Robin and Damian Wayne Robin. But it’s wonderful to hear Tim’s thoughts on all of these. That guy couldn’t be classier.

  3. As a fan of both Tim Gunn and comicbooks, this has been fun! Tim approached this like he does everything, honestly, openly, and intelligently. Next time there is one character he needs to see: Powerman.

  4. Huh. I surprised that they looked at the Ultimate Superman design (which looks better than that plastic nightmare in Superman Returns) yet not taken a gander at Kingdom Come Superman. At the very least it brings up the use of black instead of yellow in the shield.

    But, yeah, this video was right in my esoteric wheelhouse.

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