Off-Duty: Invincible by Nate Bellegarde

Note: Off-Duty features drawings of our favorite heroes and villains in plainclothes while off the heroing/villaining clock. Here’s our pal Nate Bellegarde‘s take on some business time duds for Invincible! Clearly still conveying Invincible’s superhero identity, this outfit would totally suit a non-superheroing situation (contract negotiation, super-date, etc.) not involving Invincible’s alter ego, Mark Grayson. Either that or Mark learned how to put together secret identity protecting ensembles from the Power Rangers. Either way, I love this pic. – Dean Trippe

Nate Bellegarde

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  1. Wow. I know next-to-nothing about Invincible other than what he looks like in costume, but this simply screams “Invincible” to me. Great work!

  2. The gloves put me in the mind of a chauffeur or doorman. Maybe this Invincible doing body guard duty at a fancy party. Maybe he needs a little extra dough, and so he’s being security/arm-candy for a starlet or an heiress.

  3. Oh boy, do I love this. It’s super chic, which is not a word that’s ever been used to describe a super-suit.

    I especially love how the tie mirrors Invincible’s iconic lower-case “i” chest-logo.

    Beautiful work!

  4. Man, I love this! Someone needs to forward this along to Ottley and Kirkman. I could almost see Mark wearing this to a contract negotiation for his super hero for hire job thingy that Atom Eve set up for him.

    Now, let’s see Eve’s outfit to match this one!

  5. Sorry to sound like that kid from The Emperor’s New Clothes but um, that’s a guy in a suit with yellow gloves. Dylan, his tie doesn’t mirror anything, IT’S JUST A TIE! And yes Spooky Tanuki, go right ahead and forward this picture of a guy in a business suit to Kirkman & Ottley and watch them jump at the chance to use it in their book…well, after they come to from being knocked out at the sheer awesomeness of seeing a superhero dressed like a stock broker.

    Seriously Dean Trippe, post this comment because ya know, sometimes it’s quite a pleasant experience to entertain opinions different from one’s own and plus it’ll give your gaggle of dim-witted sycophants some much needed rest.

  6. Happy to post your comment, Drake! This column is for Off-Duty, non-costume outfits, so the suit works here. Totally cool if you don’t like it, but considering that Nate is one of the artists from the Invincible books, I’m pretty sure Robert and Ryan have already seen this and thought it was rad.

    But you know, carry on hating, guy who doesn’t exist anywhere else on the internet.

  7. I get one of these every week or two. I don’t get it, as the site is FREE. AWESOME. But whatever. I love posting awesome superhero art from awesome artists and will never ever stop. :)

  8. I can verify that not only has Robert seen this, but thinks it’s awesome. Much like Alex says in the first comment, it’s fantastic how much it is instantly recognizable as Invincible despite the fact that he’s just a guy in a suit.

    Well done, Nate. You’re beautiful.

  9. Dear hater: If we’re going to be labeled “dim-witted sycophants,” can we at least have something other than “gaggle” to precede it? Gaggle just reminds me of geese….. ;)

  10. LMAO @ Drake LeMarq

    Not only does he sound like he’s dripping with envy/jealousy over Dean’s website/reputation, but he practically begged to be included in the comments, lol! WTF?! What a sad attempt to bolster his own bruised ego by requesting that his condescending superiority complex be presented to all. LOL!

    Rational people tend to avoid the trivial things that raise their ire. Normal people show disinterest in the things that they consider worthless. Clearly Drake LeMarq is abnormally nursing an irrational disdain against this site (likely due to him feeling snubbed in a prior contest, or some such).

  11. I propose “HORDE,” and that we change the focus of the site to be about ME and my RADNESS so all the P:R fandom can be more appropriately directed.

  12. Oh, I also have a need to make fun of how Drake LeMarq criticized this drawing of “a superhero dressed like a stockbroker.” Newsflash: that’s the point of this particular column. That’s like whining about Clark Kent looking like a news reporter instead of a superhero.

    … I know I’m being petty.

    Okay let me leave some constructive comments:
    This suit really does a clean job of evoking his super hero identity via color scheme. The mirrored shades carry over his costume’s goggles pretty well. The gloves are okay, but as mentioned before, they evoke a bodyguard/chauffeur/doorman vibe, which may or may not be appropriate for whatever it is he does off-duty (I don’t read the comic, sorry).

    I do like the yellow lining to his dark gray suit. It makes it snazzier, in the same way that his blue socks do, lol! Makes the whole thing less conservative/corporate, and more advertising/marketing/hype oriented.

  13. If this was in fact Invincible’s costume, I would but that book every month. I think Superman seriously fucked us in a way. We had Doc Savage, The Shadow, and The Spider dressing like MEN, in SUITS. Then the circus performer jumped over the tall building in a single bound and everyone forgot how to draw a double breasted blazer.
    Im not in favor of generic clothing, I just tailored clothing over leotards.
    Great attention to sartorial detail Nate.

  14. honestly, the one aspect of this ensemble that is holding me back from giving it a 10 is the gloves. reason being that from the shades to the suit itself being a callback to his tights, the gloves throw it off. a suggestion for that would be a switch to motorcycle gloves with the leather wrist strap. that would really give off the vibe of a slick dresser who lives the fly life, which in invincible’s case would be figuratively and literally.

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