9 comments to “New Project: Rooftop Page Live at Facebook”
  1. Perhaps Project Rooftop will post the winners of their “Canary on the Catwalk” competition on this new-fangled Facebook page of theirs. ;)

  2. It’s not working for me either.

    This happened once before and I think the problem was that when the page was set up it wasn’t set up to receive non-USA visitors.

    I’m in Australia and I can’t access it. Is that the case for the other people who can’t get to the address?

    The solution might be there – some thing you have to click in the page setup to allow for internation fans.

    Hope it’s fixed – I’d love to add you guys!

  3. yeah, just had to take off the country restrictions that facebook adds by default. sorry it took me a bit to figure out.

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