Official Iron Man Redesign Concept Sketches

Our pals over at Comic Book Resources have an exclusive high res look at the design work that went into the awesome new Iron Man redesign by character designer and illustrator Ryan Meinerding. Shellhead’s look is now featured in the ongoing Invincible Iron Man series by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca.

Project: Rooftop readers will remember the last time we talked about Iron Man redesigns here, in our Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade redesign contest, for which Fraction and Adi Granov joined us as guest judges. Meinerding’s new suit is super cool and the in-progress sketches of Meinerding’s revamp are great.

Head over to CBR for a closer look at the above shots and more, as well as an interview with the designer!


8 comments to “Official Iron Man Redesign Concept Sketches”
  1. I’m ambivalent to the new suit (neither disappointed nor delighted). I really loved the Extremis armor because it looked like a vehicle wrapped itself around Stark’s body. This new liquid metal outfit looks more like a gaming laptop melted onto his frame (which sounds tacky, but it’s really not bad).

    There used to be a subtle implication that the armor, due to its bulk, was a machine encasing a man. This new design comes across as a full-on android, because it’s so skin tight now. I guess that’s where the stories have gone these past few years (especially due to the Extremis upgrade), and instead of being a man in armor, he’s now a living bullet.

    The only thing that really prevents me from leaping with joy over the new design is how gaudy it comes across. I mean, it already has a bunch of lights all over, so I don’t understand why they wanted him to be so reflectively shiny on top of that. The C2 concept design (second to last above) reads better because the materials come across as matte.

  2. I really like the design. It retains so much of what made Granov’s design great, and it feels like a natural progression. Sleeker, more futuristic. The iPod Touch to Granov’s iPod.

  3. I’d love to see this armor designs versatility tested. We know Salvador Larocca will hit it out of the park, but what about a Mike Allred, or a Michael Lark, or a Dean Trippe (hint hint).

    Love all the helmet variations, and I’m so glad the finished design dialed back on the SuperCheekbones.

  4. Very cool. I love the continued evolution of Iron Man, but I still want a bit more “machine of iron” rather than skin tight suit. (I love Granov’s version.)

  5. I’m a Granov super-fan, so I’m disappointed that his design didn’t stick around longer. But Meinerding’s design pushes Iron Man in the direction he needs to go – lighter, more streamlined, more compact – Something that my other favorite Iron Man illustrator Bob Layton has been advocating for years.

    If iPods can get smaller, more streamlined and offer more memory, Iron Man’s armor shouldn’t be getting bulkier and bulkier.

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