Jemma Salume Loves Wondy’s New Look

Note: While most of the P:R team was pretty lukewarm on the new Wonder Woman redesign by superstar artist and DC co-publisher Jim Lee, Rooftop Regular Jemma Salume differed significantly from our general consensus. She digs it. Big time. I will note, however, she apparently found herself incapable from applying small, unconscious improvements to the design: Longer jacket, altered top, smaller gauntlets, etc. DC artists, take note. Everybody else, enjoy some New WW fanart! – Dean Trippe

Jemma Salume

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  1. It’s great (much better than the original!) but the costume still looks like Wonder Girl, not Wonder Woman, to me.

  2. This is something I hope we see in the actual comic as well. I generally think the comic is ‘not bad’ but as artists work with the new look I’d like to see them slide in improvements so we get something that is organic and cool.

  3. Excellent work. There have been quite a few nice interpretations on DevArt:

    The more I see the more I think the design would have benefited from simplification. A simple design, retaining iconography, that artists can make complex if they so choose. People are already simplifying and dropping the EXTREEEEME jacket.

  4. Hey dn,

    All those pictures are great too but, as you say, none of them chooses to show the design as presented.

    One removes the jacket,
    one is largely a shot of WW jegginged backside,
    one’s in black and white (removing the odd colour choices)
    One is an artist’s style piece (the and I quote ‘ small boobies and bigass thighs’
    and one chooses to meld the look with the old costume!

    Seems this costume choice really is a misfire.

  5. Another nice thing Jemma did with this was make the colors a lot brighter, especially the jacket.

    All of her tweaks add up to a big improvement.

  6. Jemma, I like your take on this, but I don’t think most artist will make the design shine as you have. I like the pants, but I hate the color for her. I miss the blue (in the design in general).

    Honestly, I think this whole thing is going to be temporary, so I’m finding myself less concerned by this as I see it more. Really, I guess I’m glad to see a new take on the character.

  7. @Hoylus

    Yeah, I think it’s interesting how many have embraced the change though, even if they do tinker with the designa little or present it in a way that obscures elements, they’re all mostly faithful to it I think.

    Here’s another:

  8. Frankly, Jemma is one of my favorite artists currently. Her style is so expressive, fun, and unique, and her character designs are top-notch. All things considered, I think she draws this new Wonder Woman better than the official art!

  9. @curgoth

    To be fair, she looked pretty secure in her top in Lee’s version too. It’s Don Kramer’s pencils in the actual issue that draw ample boobs straining to pop out of the (totally confusing ribbed material) tank-top.

    I notice that this illustration has her more definitely wearing pants, not leggings. Again, that’s something missing from Lee’s version – they look like pants in material, but leggings with the weird way they merge with her shoes. Kramer went with leggings, obviously… oddly, a tight black shiny spandex-clad ass shouldn’t be surprising in comics, but since she’s wearing a tank and a jacket it becomes more noticeable.

    But it still becomes weird – these elements are familiar when shown on a superhero costume… but what Lee gave us doesn’t feel like a superhero costume. It looks like superhero-branded-and-accessorized clothes and jewelry. Pants are clothes. Superhero tights are… something else.

    I have to say I like the longer lariat idea.

  10. “Frankly, Jemma is one of my favorite artists currently. Her style is so expressive, fun, and unique, and her character designs are top-notch. All things considered, I think she draws this new Wonder Woman better than the official art!”
    Ha! Agreed! Well done Jemma!

  11. Basically, Wonder Woman seems doomed to always be a confusing mish-mash of a character. The original so-called “iconic” patriotic-Amazon-cowgirl costume was conceived as fetish fuel — which is why the largest part of her market has generally been teenaged boys and dirty old men (I’m pretty sure these would be the people that the most heated OUTRAGE! is coming from) — but doesn’t work as anything else. It was *designed* to make the character laughable, and it did; hence WW’s persistently smaller market share than either of her contemporaries among the flagship DC characters.

    I’m not sure how they’ve “updated” the backstory, but visually the “mish-mash of elements” problem is still there, even if adding pants dials down the fetish fuel aspect. It’s good that the star-spangled bottoms are gone (confusing holdover of the era where everyone was punching Hitler in the nose, made no sense for the character). But they’re still trying to make the lariat business make sense, and now have added superfluous stirrups to try and tie it in. And she’s supposed to look “urban” from the waist up. Except for the bustier, which is still just… and the bracers, which…

    … it’s still just a mess. Valiant effort by Jemma, though.

    Truth is, the whole concept of “Wonder Woman” is just so broken that it can’t be “rebooted” and made to make sense and still recognizable as the familiar flagship character from the Forties. There comes a point when you have to stop “rebooting” and just try making some new characters.

  12. Bob, you’re putting out lots of opinions as though they are facts. You should read up on WW’s creation and history. It’s fascinating.

  13. @Dean – I have to agree that WW never really has a consistent concept for the character. Every writer has a completely different take on her personality, to the point that basically the only thing that anyone can agree on about her is the costume and the origin… even in modern comics, they seem to have settled on her abilities, but each writer still completely turns her personality upside down.

    There isn’t anything there underneath the costume. There is no person. She’s just a star-spangled bathing suit and tiara with a weird Greek mythology origin that keeps getting dragged forwards from the ’40s.

  14. Bob, you’re putting out lots of opinions as though they are facts.

    Well, I’m putting out a lot of opinions as if they’re my opinions. Others will have to make their own decisions about the intersection with fact.

    I mean no offense by the “teenaged boys and dirty old men” remark, BTW. I’m not saying WW’s readership consists of only this.

    You should read up on WW’s creation and history.

    This an allusion to Marston, perchance?

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