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  1. I totally agree. There’s definitely a New Gods feel to all of it. Very Kirby. I couldn’t be happier with the look for this movie. I can’t wait to see more of Asgard.

  2. Interesting. It kind of looks like the concept was “what if Thor’s costume was indicitive of the way everyone dressed in Asgard: wildly decorative armored top, long bright cape, and dress slacks.”

  3. hmm…left over iron man armor pieces spray painted gold….that’s how you make a thor costume!! me likes! needs more horn though…

  4. It’s nice to see more of the Thor costume- while I wasn’t sure how it would play based on the full sketches and then the tiny cropped picture… I’m digging it now that I’m seeing it combined with Odin and Loki. Very Kirby, and very fun. And then when you have to try to remove Thor and eventually fit him into the world created by Iron Man, well done!

  5. Well, I think Odin looks perfect. The internet has been going on about the outfits looking to space-suity and not enough like Viking armor but isn’t that the point? Since when was Marvel comics’ Thor based on a viking anything. They used the names and the setting. The Asgardians are the precursors of the New God. Asgard is in space and they all wear blue and pink and purple and green outfits and shoot Kirby dots out their finger tips, they’re cosmic space gods who happen to have names similar to characters in Norwegian folktales. I want to watch a Thor film firmly based on Kirby’s aesthetics not some History channel docudrama about dirty Vikings covered in mud and chain mail. Also, I’m glad they got rid of the head-pieces.

    With that said, can someone put Thor’s mane in a cage, I think it’s trying to get away.

  6. I was thinking the same thing as Brodie. Reminded me of this article:


    and how Superman’s costume came to represent how Kryptonians dressed.

    Not sure that I’ll ever be sold 100% on the plastic look or the lower halves of the costumes, but they’ve done a good job in creating a character that can stand next to Iron Man without it being jarring for audiences and in general I LOVE the designs. So freakin’ Kirby.

  7. Looks great, can’t believe the movie is using Kirby as its basis instead of ripping off LOTR. Really amazing.

  8. Im still bumbed that BRAIN BLESSED! is not going to be Odin but these are simply gorgeous. I dont the the King of Comics himself could’ve a better job. Definately some New Gods feel in these (although there was definately some Norse in the New Gods if ya catch my drift). Simply beautiful. I love how the chest disks seem to be a feature of (seemingly) all the Aesir’s wardrobe.

    Once again Jemma takes the words out of my mouth, Loki looks flippin’ awesome.

  9. I hereby retract any and all previous statements in other threads bemoaning a “lack of leather and brass…y’know…more Norse.”


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