Movie Makeover: Green Lantern

Note: Entertainment Weekly has released the cover of their next issue, which offers a first look at Green Lantern, as he’ll appear in the upcoming film starring Ryan Reynolds. It’s not a big image, and you can’t see too much of the suit in this shot, but the hard-light musculature is a neat idea. Really glad to see the mask included. At first glance, I dig it. Ring looks good. I was kind of expecting more of a Tron look. Anyway, take a look and tell us what you think. – Dean

UPDATE: Click here for the super high res version, via Weekly Crisis!

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  1. I, for one, like it! I can’t wait to see it in action (when I’ll pass my final verdict), but for now I’m totally on board with it. It makes me wonder what the other Lanterns’ suits are going to look like.

  2. this might be then first time i’m glad jen actually subscribes to this magazine. lots of fun stuff written all over that cover!

    no white gloves though? i hope it doesn’t look like a giant green bodysuit….

  3. Hal’s original costume is so simple and sleek, I can’t help but think it needed less tweaking to transition to the screen than most. I’m glad to see the logo is unmolested anyway. The slant of the mask makes him look both angry and confused, which seems like it might conflict with other emotions the character might need to convey (or maybe this is a ring-generated mask that will change its shape depending on GL’s emotion or expression). I don’t hate it, but it seems a little busier than necessary (though that seems to be the trend).

  4. I’m kind of on the fence until I see the costume in action. It’s all supposed to be CGI and the striation in the design suggests some kind of pulsing energy flow – which could be cool.

    I wish they would have thrown in the white gloves for contrast, though. Right now it looks a little, too… well, green!

  5. I hope they’ll somehow explain why and intergalactic cop/soldier wears a mask. I hope it has some function.

  6. That looks more like the Kyle Raynor version of GL. The lines remind me of Spider-Man. I’ve always preferred the white gloves on GL.

    We’ll have to see.

  7. I’d hope to see a little more contrast in the costume, when they make full photos available. It’s interesting that they went very weirdly technological with the costume but kept the Silver Age Hal Jordan insignia…

  8. It is basically a green version of the bodysuit they wore to enter minds in The Cell, except with the logo slapped on the chest. That other costume was already a fantastic design by Eiko Ishioka, so seeing what appears to be a copy leaves a bad taste in my mouth. (Granted, that opinion may change when I get a better look.)

  9. It might just be this picture, but it almost looks like his skin was ripped off and his muscles are his suit – rather than a suit on top of his body. I don’t think it makes him look very powerful – he looks naked and vulnerable.

  10. I understand that that wanted to give the suit an ‘other-wordly’ feel… but this just looks too fake. Hopefully in motion it won’t be so uhh… noticable.

  11. Brodie:
    . . . or maybe this is a ring-generated mask that will change its shape depending on GL’s emotion or expression . . .

    Also: he has glowing white eyes people! One of the coolest things about the Incredibles was the way their domino masks allowed them to blink, squint, go wide eyed with shock and scowl. This costume will do the same. I hope.
    Also maybe his hands will glow white when he’s really throwing around some willpower.

  12. This is not impressing me. There better be some awesome point in the story that explains why he’s in some sort of green Guyver suit. Is there no solid differentiation on the colors? No black or white? Just shades of green? I can’t help but be wary of this.
    It doesn’t help that GL is my #1 favorite super hero of all time, though. I might just be fanboying out…

  13. The sinewy aspect is interesting and something I wouldn’t have thought of, which is always a good sign. Saying, “Wow” or “that’s interesting” instead of “they didn’t”…or “they should’ve”.

  14. Is it just me, or does the costume and mask blend into his skin. There’s a little fuzzines around the neckline and the mask.

    It’s quite cool, if the costume is supposed to be generated by the skin.

  15. Just looked at eh closup of the mask and it isn’t even a mask! It’s a part of his skin that’s turned green and is morphing the area around his eyes. So cool.

  16. The silver-age Green Lantern costume is probably my favorite superhero costume ever, and yet everyone is always trying to recreate it and/or complicate it up. Just leave it alone. Neon musculature? Bah!

  17. I was hoping for more of a Tron look, really — but I’ll wait until I see more shots of this to pass judgment.

    I was really hoping to see the Glowing Green Hologram Insignia hovering In Front Of The chest, like they’ve been doing in the comics for the last few years.

  18. Looks like he’s been skinned alive and is starting to rot. What is so hard about just using the original or even the current GL costume?

  19. I don´t know what to think….. The body looks good, for any other character, I think. Looks like the skin turned green in the neck, dissapeared in the body (showing glowing neon muscles), but there is a glove in his hand, as I said, don´t know what to think.

    BTW, DC should be very careful about these greenlighted designs ( no pun intended): if the movie is a success, Hal Jordan will probably wear this look in his comic-book series, and sure as hell it won´t work on paper.

  20. hank jordan has one of the best designed costumes ever, why mess with it so badly? The mask shape looks real bad, but it looks like there’s still a vague chance that the classic green and black shapes are still there.

    All this reminds me of so far are redesigns like in the live action dragonball and guyver movies :/

  21. Green Lantern is my favorite comic book character and…no. I do not like this. I think my main issue with it is that it doesn’t look like a reasonable uniform for a group of interstellar police officers. If you had to change the suit (and lord knows you do – follywood knows best), why not change it to a more ‘tailored armor’ look or something more ‘military hero’ looking to make it suitable for a corps of space cops.

    That aside, Ijust don’t love the overall design or lack there of. It looks unfinished somehow. Maybe it is.

  22. It looks like it’s not so much a layer of costume as it is energy clinging to his skin. As popular as it is to draw all the seams and wrinkles on a character’s cloth costume, it galls on Green Lantern and his will-power created suit. I remember a Michael Chabon essay re: the superhero’s costume being an impossible, indestructible ultra-thin layer than prettifies and hides all at once, and this calls that to mind. I really like the way it seems to be a part/extension of his flesh rather than a shirt and tights.

  23. In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night
    If someone punches out my lights
    Then say “so long” to my CGI tights
    Beware my junk – GREEN LANTERN’S TAINT!

  24. @Dean & Scott

    Yes! The Secret Skin article in the New Yorker from a while back! It does bring that to mind. I think the only costumes translated to screen that have had a level of fidelity and translation I find perfectly balanced are Spider-Man, Iron Man and Superman. Everyone else, it seems, has undergone major changes, but I did expect GL to resemble the comic version a little more.

    I think this is one of those ones that will look good in motion though. I wasn’t a fan of the Nolan Batman suits when I first saw the stills, but in the movies I thought they looked great.

  25. It looks gross.

    If it’s an energy projection shouldn’t it be simplified?

    It is muscle-y and rubbery, when it should be elegant and luminous.

    Is there only one person doing ALL these movie costumes? I personally dislike this look for superheroes.

  26. I agree with everyone who thinks this is terrible. Everything about it hurts my eyes. The mask looks both awkward and evil. The white(ish) eyes make him look evil as well. The suit…well what can you say? Look at it! Why couldn’t this have been done without CGI? Besides the fact that looks like a bad guy from PowerRangers or something. Also loose the 5 o’clock shadow GL is sleek, not gritty!
    Heres hoping that this is not the final look because I love GL and also kind of like Ryan Reynalds too but George Clooney would’ve made a better Hal Jordan…ten years ago.

  27. The mask looks like a fan-art Photoshop paint-over. And the hair is terrible- like Ted Danson in Cheers.

    The costume istself doesn’t bother me, but mostly because I am not really hung up on Green Lantern to begin with.

  28. I’m not even sure this is his starting outfit in the movie. Since the story SUPPOSEDLY contains the Parallax-Entity or something tying into it, this might just be the same thing that happens to Hal in “First Flight” – which I deem a delightful movie – in the movie’s climax: turning into an ION-like instance and basically being covered in green energy.
    If this is the real deal, then it will probably look as awfully fake as Dr. Manhattan did in Watchmen.
    Lokks like he’s ready to be pealed like some kind of living zucchini.

    I DO like his white eyes, though.
    No white gloves, please, they always looked wrong on the costume.

  29. obedient serpent & avantsweater have pretty much said everything I wanted to say, so i’ll just cosign with those two.

  30. I like it. It looks like alien technology. Just “adapt standard costume technology to species Homo Sapiens, add GL logo”.

  31. I have my reservations on this movie. Sure, Hal was always just a tad bit of a cocky smartass, but iconically, that was always more The Flash than GL. While I don’t think Ryan is going to ruin the character like Eric Bana did for Bruce Banner some years ago, I don’t think he’s going to really live up to Hal in the sense that he deserves. As for the suit? That… I have a hard time getting over the concept of a costume being “digitally painted on” a live actor. I look at the promos and I see Ryan all geared up for Green, and the first thing I notice is how that mask just doesn’t seem to really fit his face that way it should. They’re trying to achieve a sense of coolness that you can’t always get with spandex, and I understand that, but there are limits to be considered when it comes to overdoing it.

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