Off-Duty: Batgirl & Robin by Karen Z. Wang

Note: Off-Duty features drawings of our favorite heroes and villains in plainclothes while off the heroing/villaining clock. This double-shot of familiar Bat-Family alumni, Cassandra Cain and Jason Todd as drawn dressed down by artist Karen Zachary Wang, requires a special time-travel day off date for these hero-then-villain-then-hero-then-villain super-persons (given Jason’s youthful appearance). Dang it, now I want to read that. – Dean Trippe

Karen Zachary Wang

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  1. While there is nothing wrong with the drawing as a drawing, it says nothing that identifies as being Jason Todd or brings to mind any of his characteristics. The character (well the second version) was a tough street kid, hardly someone who is going to be wearing that odd old-man cardigan over a jumper or glasses that he doesn’t need. The outfit is just too geeky for him – YMMV.

    The Bat-girl one, now (from the little I know of the character) I could see her in that outfit.

  2. I’m fairly sure Jason Todd would sooner cut off his foot than be caught in a cardigan. Art is nice, though.

  3. Cardigans are cool, you guys. And Alfred would’ve made Jason wear Dick’s hand-me-downs, anyway, just like his uniform and personality at the beginning of his heroing career. ;)

  4. I saw Cass’s before. LOVED the clothes, but most of all loved that she shows off Cass’ s short stature well. Her legs are thicker and shorter than Jason’s so that tells you she’s a different body type than the typical comic book female (thin and tall)….since most girls would be drawn with thinner legs than Jason’s (as a point of reference). The clothes are very cool, but I can’t see Cass bothering with suspenders or socks over tights or even a hat (unless she’s using it hide her face). She’s never been big on accessories or fashion. Always wearing minimal, simple and practical stuff.

  5. Yyyyeah, Jason’s a little… c’mon, really, a sweatervest? Dick totally wore Bruce’s old sweatervests to school, but Jason probably burned them in an oil drum the second he got the chance.

  6. Looks good.
    Especially the orange highlights.
    Should be worked into the comics.
    Black always is good, or is it grey?
    I love these as an elseworlds look.
    Anytime we see heroes out of costume is good.
    Now lets see some villains in civilian clothes!

    Got to love the green sneakers with red laces.
    And the glasses are a good idea.
    You know these are really great!

  7. Cassandra looks ready 2 kick serious @$$ with those (looks to be) black doc martins she’s stylin’!
    Jason, on the other hand looks like he’s gonna have his @$$ handed 2 him with what he’s rockin’.
    No matter how u cut it… these drawings are seriously slammin’! Excellente

  8. First, when Jason was introduced, he was essentially a Dick Grayson clone, and probably wore whatever Alfred gave him. Secondly, CARDIGANS ARE FLIPPING AWESOME YOU WEIRDOS.

  9. Haha, I agree. Cardigans are great! And I dunno, the hipster angle kind of works for me on Jason. And also, I love cardigans.

    I think my favorite thing about Cass’ design is how the yellow bits are all lines or highlights, much like the Bat-symbol in her regular outfit. It’s a great way to incorporate the original costume.

  10. Eh, Robin’s too hipster and Batgirl is dressed like a goth version of Noodle from the Gorillaz.
    The drawings themselves are nice though, just not digging the designs.

  11. speaking of cardigans… why does jason’s cardigan open to the right?? isn’t that the girls’ cardigan?

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