She-Design/He-Design: The Seven Evil Exes by Jemma Salume

Note: She-Design/He-Design is a new feature here at P:R for gender swapped redesigns! Kicking it off proper is one of our favorite Rooftop Regulars, Jemma Salume with her seXX/XY reimaginings of the Evil Exes from Scott Pilgrim, with a bonus Scott & Ramona! Er, that’s not right, is it? Whatever, I’ll make up some names. DIG THEM BELOW! – Dean Trippe

Madeline Patel

Leigh Lucas

Ingrid Todd

Rex Richter

Kylie and Kendra Katayanagi

Gillian Graves

Scout Pilgrim & Roman Flowers

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  1. Nicely done.
    It’s just that I refuse to fall into the “Scott Pilgrim”-Hype. In my opinion, it’s greatly overrated (just another surreal story with parallels to the 80’s entertainment dipping into super-heroism and videogames, like anything from Johnny Bravo and Dexter’s Lab to the Power Puff Girls), and while I accept the concept, I just find it boring and repetitive in this particular case (No, we can’t do with two evil super-exes! Because – well you know: because).
    HOWEVER, I prefer Jemma’s style greatly to the original, and pretty tough girls always win, anyway. So, absolutely and decidedly disregarding the original characters, I love these drawings.

  2. Sam: That is stupid. Forget the hype. Especially since the mass of movie-going audiences weren’t brave enough to try something a bit more original than the rest of the crap in theaters. Read a good comic. Watch a good movie. Jemma and I worked on the SP Color Special and can’t recommend the series enough.

  3. >(No, we can’t do with two evil super-exes! Because – well you know: because).

    …because then there wouldn’t be enough evil exes to cover the spectrum of previous-relationship emotional baggage that THE WHOLE THING IS A GIGANTIC METAPHOR FOR.

    The fact that you haven’t read it is clearly signposted by calling it “repetitive”, y’know. It’s anything but.

  4. Not a huge fan of Rule 63 as a…rule. But dammit these are pretty great. I love what Jemma did with the colours SO MUCH.

  5. I have absolutely no idea what any of the original characters are supposed to look like but these illustrations are wonderful just as they are! I read a bit of the comic a looong time ago (really only the first few pages of one, honestly) but found myself kind of uninterested. It has recently gotten such great critical acclaim that now I feel like I’ve missed something!

    Regardless of my knowledge about the characters, these are great illustrations! I also really enjoy Jemma’s use of color and pattern in these. What a clever way of adding color to an image! Every time I see more of her work, I become more and more impressed.

  6. I don’t know. “Inception” was more original than most things in theaters this summer, and it did phenomenally well. Scott Pilgrim never appealed to me not because I wasn’t brave enough to try it; it just didn’t look interesting to me.

  7. @Dean: Your opinion is appreciated, although I can’t remember that I ever called anybody’s opinion “stupid”. Ever. I would prefer less derogatory vocabulary. “That is prejudging”, for instance, would fulfill the same purpose, without sounding unappropriately snide.
    That said, I DO read what I perceive as good comics, and watch a lot of good movies. However, from my perspective (which, since I’m from Germany, may differ greatly from yours), Scott Pilgrim is neither. I can’t say that there is anything in SP I haven’t heard or seen before. Just not that condensed, I’ll admit to that. It’s like combining a teenage soap opera with cartoon networks 90’s series and a bit of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and the like. I deem it better than “Drawn together” which – at the same time – followed the same trend less sophisticatedly, but the general concept is still alike except for the “teenage soap opera”-part: surreal happenings, allusions to 80’s computer games, super powers in “normal” social situations.
    When I said “I refuse to join the hype” this did not contain “I refuse to read” or “I refuse to watch the movie”. It just says that I will not call this a great comic like almost everybody else, because after careful consideration, I think it is an average piece of cartoon work, ten years behind its time. And since from Germany I cannot judge whether there is a retro trend going on in Canada and the US, I can only tell you that here it is not. With frequent reruns of the aforementioned cartoon shows, the whole concept of SP feels oddly familiar here.

    So here it is, my unpopular opinion.

    Now, would you just please tell me where exactly the stupidity lies in just not liking a comic I’ve read? Maybe my perception is biased. We all filter any input based on previous experience. You called my decision “stupid” – and I think it’s because you came to the prejudging conclusion that my opinion is based on neglegance, because you may frequently have made the experience that people with unpopular opinions turn out to be stupid. I don’t know about that, and may be wrong. Again, it’s all based on perception, just like your opinion that my dislike is “stupid”. In my perception, parallels between SP and other, previously published or broadcast, works clearly appear. If you do not agree, that’s okay. You have your opinion, based on your own considerations.

    However, I would like to point out that as a co-creator of SP-related products, maybe you, Dean, are not the exactly best-chosen person to tell me to pick up the book. It sounds like a commercial.

    @ Karl: Thanking another person for calling a personal opinion “stupid”? Odd.
    If you have something to say, do so, and don’t let anyone else do the talking for you. As it is, you just cheered for an inconsiderate and derogative statement. Not impressive.

    Can we agree that there IS a hype going on? Apparently we can, since Dean told me to “forget” it. Can we agree that calling my opinion names for speaking out against this hype is unlikely to win me over? Can we also agree that people telling me that not joining the hype is “stupid” at least APPEAR to have long since JOINED the hype already? I mean, is that not what a hype is all about? Bashing people without second thought for having a different opinion on the subject of the hype? And can we finally agree that thus any further discussion about this must fail? Because I am not going to re-re-re-reconsider my opinion. I’ve worked 3 years on building up that opinion, and according to it, Scott Pilgrim is – as Dean called it in the “Star Pirate”-discussion – just not my “cup of tea”. And the two of you have just made clear that you have no respect for my taste in this matter. While it was Dean who told us in that very discussion that no “sorries” were needed here for disliking a certain piece of art. In my case, it’s Scott Pilgrim. And I will not say “sorry”. But I will not try to publically degrade or insult anybody.
    For if that is going to be the style of communication on project:rooftop from here on, I will not join THAT either.

    Now, can we please return to Jemmas creations?

  8. Sam, I don’t know you, but I’m convinced you might be an evil robot. You should get that checked out. ;)

    Jemma, these are fantastic and I love love LOVE them. Right click. Save. Heart.

  9. I LOVE IT! It’s everything you said it’d be and more!!! I love the super-tough Ingrid Todd and the absolutely fabulous Rex Richter. And of course, I’m a sucker for Patel no matter what. MUCH LOVE ALL AROUND!!

  10. Sam – I didn’t say not liking Scott Pilgrim was stupid (though…). I was referring to not giving something a shot due to its supposed “hype,” rather than its own merits. You’ve also incorrectly inferred that I meant you did not ever read good books or watch good movies. I’m guessing there might be a language barrier here, but what I was saying was, “check this movie and comic series out again, without preconceptions, and I think you might dig it.” You tend to post negative comments, and you did just show up and diss the work of our pal Mr. O’Malley, so maybe check your “publically (sic) degrade or insult anybody” clause before your next dissertation here at P:R, okay? And yes, by all means, let’s return to talking about Jemma’s rad drawings rather than unrelated opinions about hype and movies. Who brought that up, anyway?

  11. Is it awkward in these comments or is it just me?

    I’m in love with anything Jemma does since i started following her on DA about a year and a bit ago, so seeing these were an absolute pleasure.

    when are you guys gonna post her persian cat-woman!?

  12. @Sam I wasn’t thanking Dean for calling your opinion stupid (which he didn’t). I was thanking him for leaving a comment that said exactly what I was about to say (minus the working on SP part). Namely- BLINDLY accepting or bucking against hype is a fruitless endeavor. You’re allowed to not like Scott Pilgrim! This comments section certainly isn’t the forum to write about it! It’s about talking about Jemma’s amazingly creative, gender-swapped re-designs of the principle SP cast.

    Jemma’s composition is great, her poses are dynamic, the color palettes rock, the patterns inside the colors slows my eyes down to really relish every detail of each figure, etc etc. They’re so damn cool.

    If you like SP, then BONUS! If you don’t, I could see why different takes on the characters wouldn’t really interest you, but that doesn’t mean this is the place for a tirade against the chosen source material.

  13. The only reason to show up and have a snit about “not buying into the hype” is to stoke one’s own ego by setting oneself up as the daring iconoclast. Otherwise, just live and let live.

  14. omfg people bickering on the internet? NO WAY.

    Anyways, these are gorgeous! I saw them on Jemma’s DA, but didn’t realize they’d wind up here. One hundred percent gorgeous.

    Also, time to start drawing some genderswapped supervillains. AWAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaay.

  15. Awesome. I demand more. Where’s my Stan Pilgrim? Wendy Wells? Stevie Stills, Young Nell, and Tim Pine? Nathan Vincent (aka Envy) Adams? Knives Chau (age seventeen)? Julian Powers? Crash and the Girls? Michelle Comeau? Other Scout?

    I will not be satisfied without an entire genderswapped Toronto.

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