P:R Approved: Marvel / Tron

Note: Marvel/Tron Disney synergy. Check out the rest at Techland. (Thanks to Bradford Amirault for the heads up!) – D.T.

To promote the December 17th release of Disney’s Tron: Legacy in movie theaters, Disney-owned Marvel Comics will be offering special variant covers to its titles throughout December that sees its characters reimagined Tron-style by artists Brandon Peterson and Mark Brooks. Here are the first ten covers to be released, to give you a taste of what to expect.
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  1. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but the fact that the guy Wolverine is slicin’ and dicing is hemorrhaging *pixels* makes me laugh hysterically.

    Also, I would pay so much money to see TRON: GHOSTRIDER, just as a full-length film.

  2. I love the idea of this. I don’t know that I’ll actually BUY any of the variants (and if I do it’d be the only copy of the comic I’d get) but it’s really cool that Marvel are able to do something like this. That and the art is great. Wouldn’t mind seeing Pirate variants next year…although they could over do it, I dunno.

    Okay, maybe I’ll buy that Spider-Man one. Dammit.

    I’m surprised the Wolverine one didn’t use a light cycle, he’s shown on bikes enough…

  3. I saw Cap and Spider-Man on dA earlier today. I was like, “Ooh, that’s interesting.” But jeepers creepers, I had no idea there were so many. It took me a triple take to realize Ghost Rider was on a lightcycle, which immediately made it my favorite. I also love how Cap was the only one to get two neon colors because America.

    Nice gimmick overall. Crossing over fantasy worlds can always lead to some good fun if done well (Kingdom Hearts) and some bad designs when done half-cocked (a lot of the Amalgam universe, anyone?), but suiting up Mavel characters in neon jumpsuits is a pretty swell idea.

  4. Definately agreeing with Mario. Ghost Rider’s noggin could used some more attention. Does it really need that much lightning?
    Apart from that this looks like a pretty neat, if slightly silly, concept but why stop with these guys? What about Doc Strange? The Fantastic Four? I don’t know bout you guys, but I’d LOVE to see Tony rockin the Tron.

  5. I can’t believe the start contrast between Brandon Peterson and Mark Brooks’ designs. Mark’s designs look like he hasn’t seen any imagery related to the new Tron film and that someone had to explained to him what the costumes look like. While Brandon’s design look like they were culled from official concept art for the film. Brandon’s stuff is sleek and minimalist, just like the film while poor Mark…well, he got a bit carried away.

  6. I think these are done in fun- with an obvious look toward the sequel to classic TRON. Nowadays, with all the cross-pollination of comics/pop-art/movies/and all kinds of other social media- to be annoyed when companies do this is – is to miss the fun. I would say these were the three strongest examples- although I did enjoy the Spider Woman quite a bit as well. I think Pasqual Ferry actually has a style that would fit the TRONization of other characters pretty well too. Peterson and Brooks, well done! Dean thanks for the nod.

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