6 comments to “Robins by Daniel Heard & Oscar Padilla”
  1. Wow, both of these are really working for me. I like the armor– it seems like a good “assault gear” piece that Robin take off & put on as the situation demanded, & the Artful Dodger Robin just…I like that you can TELL it is Robin.

  2. I think Daniel Heard’s Robin is the best I’ve ever seen. I would like to see it with a more realistic armor design, more like a bullet proof vest, one with pockets across the stomach a’la Batman’s utility belt. I really dig the gloves and the detail on the cloak.

  3. Vito – I really liked Jordan’s Robin, too. I wish it was canon, myself, it kind of fits with the more modern version of the Dick Grayson Robin I’ve seen on The Brave and the Bold (if I remember where I saw it correctly).

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