12 comments to “Joel Carroll’s OMAC”
  1. I like it a lot except for the things on his belt. Nobody ever thinks about how uncomfortable it would be to sit down with items sticking into their legs like that. Good colors though, and the matching boots and gloves are very cool!

  2. You know, impractical or not, the equipment on his belt was my favorite part of the design. It looks very Kirby, and fits the weird-tech aspect of the character. But where’s the mohawk? Sorry, but the faux hawk doesn’t cut it. I want that big 2 foot tall bristle brush!

  3. I like the simplified and humanistic aspect of this omac design. not to masny bells and whistle’s. but it makes me wonder about it’s backstory, it doesn’t seem to mesh readily with the current omac theme and hitory.
    is this just for kicks? or is there a new redesign competition going on? i can never figure out this sight to find out.

  4. I love the One Man Army Corps Fauxhawk.
    I mean I don’t, but I love that this design tries it.
    This has a Kon-El vibe to it. Like if he gave up the Super role to become OMAC.

    And by the way, can we please do something about poor Conner Kent and his wrist cuff/jeans.

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