Movie Makeover: New Spider-Man Set Pic

Note: Thanks to Bradford and Alex for sending this in! Very interesting choices here. Again, I think they’re mostly trying new ideas in this costume to differentiate the new series from the old. I’m not crazy about everything, but as a fan of redesigns in general, I look forward to seeing how this looks on film. Sound off in the comments below, Rooftop Readers! – Dean Trippe

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  1. I’m reserving judgment somewhat, because it doesn’t look like the finished costume to me. Closeups I’ve seen don’t show the webbing on the torso at all, and I know it’s there.

    That said, I’m REALLY not a fan of the red stripe running down the leg. This looks less like a costume and more like Spidey is trying out for the US Men’s Bobsledding team.

    The odd cuts and gaps remind me of the Ben Reilly costume – and that’s not a good thing.

  2. Overall, I think it looks OK. One thing that I saw on another site to defend the suit (if it needed defended) is that we are seeing a stuntman in a stuntsuit there. It’s not as detailed as the actual suit that Andrew Garfield will be wearing. I think it looks pretty slick overall. I love the mechanical web-shooters. My only real concern is that the eyes are red, but that could just be a reflection or set lighting.

    I’ll reserve judgement until we see the actual (full) suit on the actor. Either way, it’s 100% better (IMO) than the stuff we’ve seen for X-Men: First Class.

  3. Honest answer, I hate it. It’s not as bad as the Green Lantern mo-cap suit, but it still really rubs me the wrong way.

    Like, I get where they’re coming from, Batman always has a new suit in each movie to differentiate one film from the other. But Batman is also known in the comics over the years to have suit variants that serve no purpose other than aesthetic reasons; and suits with different functions of course.

    But Spider-Man’s suit always has one specific design, and if there’s a new suit (i.e. Symbiote, Iron Spidey, new Tech Suit) there’s a whole freakin story arc based around why it looks different. It doesn’t just drastically change for no reason.

    And again, one of the big complaints with the Raimi films was that the suit didnt look like something Peter created himself… so why on earth is the suit something EVEN MORE unmakable by one man?? And wheres the webbing?!

  4. Uff. They could have gone in a different direction with this and still made it unique. I honestly thought they were going for the wide “ultimate-style” mask lenses. THAT would have been different from the original and it would have set this movie apart.

    I’m assuming he’s being lit with some red lighting which is making his lenses look red, but if he’s not being lit red, and his lenses really ARE red, then it will just kill any benefit-of-the-doubt i’m scraping up to give it.

    Comicsalliance pointed out that those white-things on his feet might just be slippers the stunt people wear to aid their running and not, in-fact, part of the costume. i’m REALLY hoping they’re right.

    I was happy with the vague close up teaser fox had released. not so much with this.

  5. The more I look at it the more I like it. I’ve learned to get over the design of the original. I mean, yes, it’s a classic, absolutely. No one is denying that, but it’s 2011. That design is almost 50 years old. I’m glad they decided to make some bold changes. It looks modern now.

  6. It makes me want to know more. It looks like a suit with a story behind it. These are good things. I’m not a big Spidey fan, I don’t read the comics, but for some reason I’m really excited to see this movie. So far everything has been clicking for me.

  7. smh. This is a little sad. Movies should represent the classic iconic version of the hero not the “new coke” version. I am disappointed.

  8. It looks okay, though I still prefer the old one. My only gripe is the lack of a belt makes him look like he has love handles and the concentration of red on his midsection makes it look like he has a bit of a pot belly (at least from this angle).

  9. Ugh. Everything that has been said already can be repeated. Peter’s charm as the everyman hero is that he made the costume himself. This design is exactly that, a design, and Peter was the furthest thing from a designer, he was a science nerd. The costume was in obvious pieces, top, pants, gloves, boots, and mask. While the Raimi costume looked more hollywoodish, the pretense was there that he made it himself. I just cannot believe for one second that a 15/16 year-old science nerd made this.

  10. Dear Hollywood movie makers,

    When you make a comic book movie you DON’T have to re-invent the wheel. These characters and costumes have been around for decades for GOOD REASONS.

    No Love,


  11. Well, I agree with the thought that full opinions will be reserved until we see the actual suit in a more polished final form. This is just a snapshot from filming and probably not quite what the filmmaker/studio has in mind for a full-on representation of their “new” Spider Man.

    All that aside, I think there are some positives to take away. I like that it looks a bit more sleek and streamlined. I was not a fan of the “raised” web-lines on the old suit – at all. Easily the best shots were the CGI shots from a distance in the other movies where the web-lines blended into the suit. Also, I like that this Spider-Man seems to be a bit leaner and more gangly. I get that NOBODY looks good in a skintight bodysuit- but Garfield, and I guess his stunt peeps, seem to have that Spidey scrawniness that suits the character better for me.

    Finally, the colors seem a little brighter and pop! this might be cool. It actually reminds me quite a bit of the Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon version. If they HAVE to go in a different direction- they haven’t totally put me off so far. I’m willing to see how well they can put it together and am still interested enough to be looking forward to what they bring to the big screen.

  12. The more I look at this, the more I actually like some of the choices they’ve made. The lenses are an appropriate size for the kid’s head, gigantic Ultimate or Todd McFarlane style eyes would look ridiculous. The blue body sock looks sort of like on off-the-shelf full body swimsuit, and the boots look like leather boots. I am starting to believe that the metal bits on the shoes are actually the soles of the shoes and not “stunt skids” or something else for specific filming situations because the metal is the same as the gigantic grommets on his wrists. And the cutouts seem to be trying to emphasize new features, most specifically, the mechanical web shooters.

    The only bit that doesn’t make much sense is the lack of a belt element, because it’s implied like crazy. So maybe this is a Thor’s helmet situation and they’ll release shots of him wearing an actual belt over this costume at some point.

  13. I’m not sure what process the design team went through before deciding that what the classic outfit REALLY needed was a track-and-field stripe on the leg and overcomplicated gloves, but I would LOVE to diagram it. The spsur atop the stripe just sort of…hangs there, making it look like something’s fallen off between the hip and the front; it’s a pointless allusion to the belt detail on the classic suit that they’ve already decided to drop. Nrrgghh.

    The seam detailing and the mechanical webshooters score pretty highly, mind you.

  14. I’m not a big fan pf this super shiney suit but I’ll wait to see it moving and acting.

    My biggest concern are those darker seamy thing that are littering the suit…Superman’s return suit has the same thing. Why?

    I kinda dig the organic cuts and curves but he really does just look naked.

    Lets wait to see it move and be impressed by it.

  15. Raimi already did an almost exact replica of the original suit. I think reinventing a few aspects is totally fine, and besides that, this picture is the exact reason Sony showed the teaser image, because people are going to see a badly lit stunt costume running around and get angry. I think the official image looked perfect and I think that with time people will love this one too. There hasn’t been a single Batman costume that looked even remotely similar to the comic book, you’re still getting a bright and colorful Spider-man, so why don’t we all relax and wait until the movie actually comes out to decide it’s a total failure.
    In my opinion the only aspect I’m not totally into is the belt, but other than that I think it looks great.

  16. While I’m not necessarily a huge fan of it, I think that the complaints that it looks overly-designed (for Peter) or like a tracksuit are kind of the point. It looks like something designed as a gymnastics or bobsledding suit that plucky Parker repurposed for his superheroic needs, which makes much more sense than him deciding to sew all those webs onto a spandex costume himself! I like the fact that a little more (90s keyword warning) off-the-rack approach opens up some design possibilities. I think the gloves are fun, and I like the idea of the large, mechanical webshooters. It’s a fun design element, and slightly more “realistic” than devices so small they’d be invisible under a bodysuit.
    That said, I agree that (at least in this photo) the lack of the belt is odd, and the shapes used to replace it seem to make the actor look a little pudgy. I’m not really a fan of the silver soles or the leg-stripes either, but both seem to lend to the store-bought feeling. It will be interesting to see what images the studio releases next.

  17. I think an important difference with the Batman costume is that the audience has to buy it as body armour; Spider-Man’s outfit is a bodystocking, and the visual details have a bit more weight in the design. I wouldn’t call it a “total failure”, but I’m decidedly unimpressed with some of the design decisions here.

    Rich Yan: This scares me that the powers will be coming from the costume.

    Y…you’re kidding, right.
    (One of my fondest memories from SDCC ’04 was an overweight Spidey cosplayer protesting about the then-new first movie, bellowing “SPIDER-MAN’S WEBSHOOTERS ARE NOT ORGANIC!” into a megaphone.)

  18. I don’t like it at all. Sure, that´s not like we will see it in the movie, but some of the changes we do see here are absolutely unnecessary. I’m ok with cnahges, but only if they are for the better. Those are not.

    I’ve tried to find an explanation for the some of the changes looking back at the Spiderman 2099 uniform (I love that look, by the way) but all I can see is a red trip down the leg that doen’t help, the lack os the belt-like red piece on his waist (without it the red front ends on nothing and just looks weird) and the gloves are just to Ben Riley for my taste. I don´t think that bring back one of the most screwed up fase on Spideys existence can help the movie.

    No matter how much you try, some designs are unique and should be respected as such.

  19. hmm… somehow this picture looked very much like CGI. All the things in the picture color, dirt and specular just look kind of unnatural to me. Or maybe its the fault of mobile phone camera. haha

  20. Wait why hasnt anyone pointed it that it looks like hes wearing stockings and suspenders ffs ?

    Steve Ditko Spiderman is the best version by far, i really dont see why they have never given the classic suit and colours a whirl.

  21. Just saw some pics of a Spiderman movie tie-in toy where he has a gigantic white spider on his chest (two out if four of the toys feature a black spider). Is this an actual costume change he gets at some point in the movie or just artistic license taken by the toy maker?

    Either way it’s a horrible color change…makes Spiderman seem like a red/white&blue patriotic themed hero.

    Link to the image:

  22. Does this suit look like one big athletic shoe to anyone else? I guess I’ll go from the ground up to tell you what I mean. What’s up with the silver stuff on the shoes? He literally looks like he’s wearing Nikes or something, which would impede his ability to stick to walls. I’m not feeling the red on the legs, or the unnecessary dark blue lines. The designer clearly tried to give the whole suit a streamlined look, which is most evident in the arms and hands. The lines are clean, and there aren’t many corners. I understand the choice, but it makes the suit look a little alien-like. I’m not really sure why the black part around the eyes needs to be raised and glossy like it is. Also, the meshed look just kind of adds to the whole athletic shoe thing. Honestly, I don’t hate the costume, and I think it’ll look pretty good in motion, but it lacks a little bit of believeability.

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