Sketchbook Saturday: Sohpie Campbell’s X-Kids!

Note: Check it out! For as long as I’ve known Sophie Campbell, she’s been talking about wanting to work on a Generation X type X-book, featuring young mutants with rad powers and awesome uniforms, and finally, here’s a glimpse at just how awesome that would be! Attn: Marvel Comics! – Dean Trippe




Note: SO MANY MORE after the jump! – D.T.










Note: Check out Sophie notes on his X-Kids over at her blog! – D.T.

21 comments to “Sketchbook Saturday: Sohpie Campbell’s X-Kids!”
  1. I like them all to varying degrees- but I think Ross really nailed the Angel and X-23 designs. The posturing of the figures- coupled with simple lines of the outfits. Kudos-nicely done.

  2. wow, there’s no reason a book like this shouldn’t happen. seriously its an already renowned creator, doing something really unique with these characters. it doesn’t even have to be an ongoing, but maybe a twelve issue limited! MAKE IT SO, MARVEL!

    this would be such a great and different book, probably in the vein of “the mighty avenger” recently with Landridge and Samnee, but again, limited. Marvel just needs to give the book a chance.

    i love every design, except maybe canonball. I feel like he could us some work, slightly less pink (only slightly) and maybe a jacket or sleeves? his design isn’t even a deal-breaker, since its cool, but yeah… great job!

  3. It’s probably just the ’90s kid in me, but it’s nice to see Penance, Skin and a non-ghoulish version of Jubilee again (I’m assuming she’s not a vampire in this picture).

  4. Oh, man. These are really great. Ross Campbell is one of the reasons I wanted to become an illustrator. I started following his work years ago online, back when he was doing a bunch of illustrations for the Exalted RPG. I love the realistic array of body types and the simple but totally unique costume designs. And Agatha is right, they actually look like teenagers.
    So, thank you again, Mr. Campbell. You are always an inspiration.

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  6. Oh man, these are so great. Generation X was my favorite comic back in the day. I would LOVE for Marvel to bring it back and in this awesome style.

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