P:R Approved: Young Clark & Bruce

Note: Here’s a close-up on the plainclothes outfits for young Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne from the recently released cover to Superman #710 from Chris Roberson and Eddy Barrows. This art and costume design is by current series cover artist, John Cassaday. My thoughts below. – Dean Trippe

This is flipping AWESOME! [Full disclosure: Batman and Superman are my favorite fictional (if you say so) characters of all time, and like most DC nerds, I’m particularly fond of their team-ups. They’re so similar and yet, so different, etc., etc.]

Okay, so check this out. At first glance, they’re wearing fairly similar outfits, and that makes sense, because while Bruce and Clark employ different strengths and abilities in their pursuit to save everyone everywhere, we  know they have nearly identical fashion senses. Tights, cape, shirt-logo, overpants. Got it. So, pre-superherodom, we’ve got Bruce and Clark in typically similar, but distinct uniforms.

Clark’s outfit is tan and brown, like the two-fisted pulp adventure heroes that preceded Superman, so that checks out. This dual-tone look also subtly recalls a Boy Scout uniform. CLEVER. Bruce, on the other hand, is appropriately dressed in black, and wears a handy bandanna for masking his identity, like Zorro and the pulp crime-fighters that preceded Batman. Bruce has a mask, Clark doesn’t.  Again, dead on.

It’s the details that really sell this for me. Bruce’s shirt is belted tunic-style, reminiscent of Dick Grayson’s Robin uniform. Bruce has gloves, but Clark doesn’t. Bruce is unshaven, signifying his world-travelling era, before adopting the billionaire playboy facade. Clark has his glasses, which fits the current continuity, in which he adopted them early in life. (Though, I still personally prefer the scene in Birthright.)

The only thing I’d have suggested would’ve been removing the utility pockets from Clark’s belt, but that’s so incredibly minor in light of all this awesome. Anyway, well done, John Cassaday. This rules. Can’t wait to read Chris Roberson’s story about these young men in Superman #710!

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  1. Forget also. After skimming, I just noticed you picked up on every conceivable detail in that picture. It is awesome.

  2. Also, Bruce’s get up has a more military-ish look to it while Clark’s is what you expect from a normal tourist or a traveler.

  3. I like the pockets on clark, you get one with your swiss army knife, bear spray, leatherman, mini led flashlight, etc. So if he’s out travelling like a good boy scout they’d be on his belt not in his backpack. It makes total sense he’d have them doesn’t mean he’d use them.

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