Movie Makeover: Cap Classic

Note: Here are some publicity stills from the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger film. Thoughts below. – D.T.

I thought about it when these first came out, but with the new high resolution shots, I was able to get a better look and, I think, confirm my suspicions. Cap has two costumes in the movie, and we’ve already seen the other one. (Partially.)

In these pics, I think we’re seeing a mostly covered version of Cap’s classic uniform. He’s got the triangle shield, a helmet rather than a mask, and a clearly different uniform than we see in the action shots. We can only see a little bit of it here, but it’s clearly a different material than the publicity costume (which looks far too modern for WWII) and has a simpler design. This makes me think we’ll see this earlier look as well as the final one.

Check out this close up below for a look at the blue fabric and embroidered white symbol.  You can also see the red and white torso stripes through the hole in jacket:

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of the Cap Classic look, even if his WWII era costume consists of a Captain America shirt and period Army fatigues. I think that would work fine for Cap.

Check out the Superbowl ad for Captain America: The First Avenger here!

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  1. I have a feeling that the first version of the costume is going to look purposefully goofy, hence his eagerness to cover it up (in addition to the fact that it wouldn’t be battle-ready) and to provide a contrast to the final costume, which the audience will see as a huuuuuuge step up. I completely agree it looks too modern for WWII, but it does look like Cap, and it’s a design flaw I’m willing to overlook, especially in light of that SuperBowl spot!

  2. I am so 210% jacked-up geeked out for this movie I can hardly stand it.

    I dig the costumes, I dig the look. Let’s just bring it!

  3. Dnwilliams hits it on mark. That’s his USO costume(which comes complete with trunks and pirate boots) underneath the leather and straps. Oh the straps! Check out how the green canvas straps and belts in these pics are echoed in the final cap costume design.
    As far as the final looking too futuristic, the trailer makes clear that this is a deiselpunk techno advanced secret war happening parrallel to WWII. That seems to be the marvel movie premise of the superhero: technological not mystical or evolutionary.

  4. Yeah, Howard Stark’s gonna be outfitting Cap, surely.

    Off-topic, but how great (and post-Brubaker) does Bucky look?

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